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My first book, Pervy Girls, has sold out and I'm onto a new book. With the last one, my publisher and I went round and round about the title until the very last minute. This time, I'd like to get that worked out well in advance and I'm asking for your help. The book will be filled with photos of sexy ladies in stockings, pantyhose, knee-highs, latex stockings, fishnets, etc. They're also wearing high heels, latex, corsets, etc., but the common theme is definitely hosiery.

So, here's what's needed for the title... It must be simple. (I really mean "simple". Nothing esoteric or the publisher won't go for it!) It must reflect the book's content (legs, hosiery, hot girls). It must be something that can be easily understood by book buyers in not only the US, but also Europe (Spain, France, Germany).

If you have an idea, please email it to:

contest [ a t ]

If your title is used, you'll win a signed copy of the book, a thank you in the book, and one signed print.

Can't wait to hear your ideas!!
CONTEST ENDS MARCH 30th. Please note, the book does not come out til fall, so prize will not be issued until then, though I will advise you of winning in advance. =)

Silly TwoRocks 
Yo, Steeneeweenee!

Bet you missed my irreverent comments here. (TwoRocks loses another bet. Cries in pillows. Sad picture.)

But, you know, I read your mind back in February 2008 when you didn't even know you were gonna do this drool-worthy book. (And you thought you had any privacy left...)

Have been thinking about the title ever since. Didn't do anything else. Hard work. (With all the drooling and what-not.)

Am already writing my acceptance speech for the win.

Hone your signing skills, like, now! :P

'sides... I'm a cunning linguist. (What does that remind me of?)

Yes, yes... I know there are those nay-sayers who tell me: "You cunt doo-dat!" But you know better than that. You know I cum do a Germaniac title transcombobulation with a flick of my vewwy, vewwy skilled tongue...

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Hmmm... You make a good point. It's hard to set a date, because I'm not sure of one either. But I'll amend the post now.

catalyst echo 
I hate to be one of those people who points out a problem publically and this really isn't a problem... more of a suggestion, actually. You might want to include an end date for your contest.


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