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Yesterday, I had another shoot with Mz Berlin. This time, Darenzia joined us. I feel really fortunate that Berlin was able to get the same location as our last shoot because that day was cut a bit short and that house in the Hollywood Hills is pretty amazing. Even though the girls were in makeup by 9:30am (by the extremely talented Jennifer Corona), and even though we shot until 9pm, I feel that we've barely scratched the surface as far as this location is concerned. Meaning, I hope I get another crack at it in the future.

Despite some off and on drizzle, we had pretty good weather, the house was amazing, and we were cruising along at a good clip, but what really set this day apart was all of the laughter. I don't know why but it was just really funny. As I was going through all of the images this morning, there were so many that I probably won't use in members galleries, but that I HAD to keep because they cracked me up. Maybe I'll have to put together an outtake gallery, but not without model approval. Some silliness is really best kept between just us.

With just one real break for lunch, we flew through the day. We had more to shoot than we had time for, and D and I are shooting again tonight and Thursday, and yet I was happy and surprised to see that we had shot ten sets yesterday! Yay teamwork!

My friend built a new computer for me, so I've been working on setting it up for the last several days. My workflow isn't up to normal standards yet as I keep having to install missing programs. Once everything I use is set up, I'm sure I'll be more productive. It's slow going, but worth it in the long run. I'm really looking forward to video editing on my new system. Sitting around waiting for videos to render really kinda blows.

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