D-Rock Shootfest 
I had this brilliant idea. When Darenzia arrived last week, I told her that I wanted to shoot her at dawn on one of her days here. So, we went about our business, scheduling, shooting... We decided the best idea was to stay up all night because there's no way we'd get to bed early and THEN get up before dawn. Luckily, Michael Hussar's a known night owl and he agreed to let us shoot at his house. Let me just mention here that a HUGE bonus of commandeering his house is that his gorgeous paintings appear in my photos. (I am so fortunate!)

D had an early morning shoot yesterday, arrived back at my place in the afternoon. We did our best to rest up before Jennifer Corona arrived to beat D's face to perfection. Makeup wasn't done til midnight, so this shoot officially started later than any other in my history.

Bob and Evan (not to be confused with Bob Evans) accompanied us over to Chez Hussar and after a minimum of chit chat, Darenzia and I got to work. We shot 3 sets at Michael's before trucking over to the dawn location where Evan held onto D's coat and Bob played lookout. We shot on a bridge spanning over a busy freeway and I was really worried that a hot girl in transparent rubber would cause an accident below.

Poor D. I was really feeling for her. It was fucking COLD out there and she was wearing latex. She's the most professional, balls-to-the-wall model out there. Barely a single complaint escapes her lips as she braves arctic chills for the sake of soft core fetish porno. Ummm... I mean "for art".

Actually, what REALLY made me feel bad for her was the fact that it was overcast and foggy this morning. That meant, she suffered the frigid chill for nothing. No fancy sunrise colors or anything. We could have, in theory, done that shoot at any time.

I have to say that I'm impressed by the results of our efforts. Delirious, sleep deprived, pushing ourselves to the limit, the photos we shot are really beautiful. My favorites are her in the leopard. (I'd been eyeing that ensemble since she arrived.) I had a really hard time choosing just two for the samples.

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I love the picture of D standing on the bridge(?).

Really... I love it.


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