Dear Models 
Dear Models,

Whether or not to pose for nude photos is a very personal decision. Posing nude for me or another photographer means that your images will be on the internet. They will be viewed by thousands of people. They will be online forever. They may even be published in books or magazines.

Consider this carefully before you decide to take that leap because, guess what? Once we've shot, there's no going back. By which I mean to say, no, I'm not going to take the photos down.

Here's why:
1) I did not force you into shooting, you did this of your own free will.
2) We had a fun, positive experience.
3) We created something beautiful that we could be proud of.
4) This is my business and my time is valuable.

I've shot two models who later became religious fanatics and their photos are still up. I've shot one friend who later hooked up with some jerk who didn't like her expressing herself on camera and her photos are still up. I photographed one girl who later decided that it wasn't good for her acting career and her photos are still up. That's the way it goes.

I don't believe there's anything wrong with being a nude model, a fetish model, a xxx film star. I think they all have the potential to be healthy ways to indulge in fantasies, to be creative, to have fun, to create art. However, it's permanent, so think it over first. Besides, even if I did take your images down (which I won't), once they hit the web, people have already downloaded them. They're out there and not going away.

So, if you have reservations, just wait. Don't rush it. When you come to me asking to take your clothes off, make sure it's what you really want to do. If you're not sure, then now's not the time. Posing nude in the internet era is like getting a tattoo, only without the option of laser removal.

K, thanks.

Black Frog Studio 
...and that's why there are model release forms. It has happened too often, even when I have photos published in books that the model tries to go back on her word.

I always thought model release forms were just a bureaucratic step that was so out of my skin... but darn, they are useful!

That Dutch girl 
OMG!!! That´s so what I´ve always said.. JUST like a tattoo.. for realz.
Why would anyone wanna undo working with you? Jeez..

Deanna Deadly 
This is a great post. Girls really need to think it over before they decide to do nude. Crazy you have shot two models that became really religious, but I cant beleive they would even ask you to take it down...Really rediculous on there part!


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