Satine and Athena 
Athena Fatale and Satine Phoenix both messaged me a few weeks ago saying they wanted me to shoot them playing. I don't have Athena's message anymore, but here's what Satine's said.

"Miao? So... I've been thinking... I want to do some really intense photos and Athena and I were talking about doing some really heavy stuff. And you're into our pervs. And she and I have never shot together before. Wanna shoot it?"

Ummm... Duh!

Last night was the night. We shot at Stockroom's amazing facility again. The idea was to shoot just the BDSM scene, but Satine had just gone blonde again and was looking so fucking foxy that I couldn't resist doing some solos of her too. But, because I think ahead, I told her we had to shoot them first, before she got all marked up. Athena and I ended up shooting a pantyhose/corset/shoe dangling solo set too.

I really had a blast, as I knew I would. Athena's always great and Satine's a total dreamboat. I decided that if I was a guy and if I wanted children, Satine would have my baby. Good thing neither of those is the case so I don't have to convince her to do it. ;) I'm just happy I get to perv out around her.

So here a some samples from the two solo galleries and the BDSM set. Seems that Mistress Athena caught Satine blowing off cleaning the kitchen to catch up with her friends on Twitter. Then, she rewarded her for bad behavior by spanking her, applying nipple clamps, tying her hands behind her back, then lifting them in a strapado, then spanking, and flogging her delicious ass. Satine grimaced and winced, but I could tell she was one happy pervert.

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Nikki Nefarious 
Oooooh!!! These are pretty! I love the "spanking" one the best but of course they are all stunning!!


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