Dear Models 
You know that old saying, "You can't be too rich or too thin"?

Well, it's wrong. Though I'd like to test the "too rich" part of the equation, I'm here to say that you most certainly CAN be too thin.

Dear Models,

I don't know who's telling you that you should be super skinny, but they're wrong. I do not relish the thought of photoshopping your sternum, ribs, elbows, pelvic bones, etc. out of your photos. It's seriously gross. I don't want your veins sticking out in your pelvic area. Really. Anorexic is not good for you and it is not sexy. Healthy is hot.

Please eat a sangwich and find another way to gain control over your life.


PS: This post is probably not about you. This subject just keeps coming up, and I keep getting modeling requests from girls who are skeletal and it's sad. But, having said that, if you THOUGHT this was about you, then maybe you should ask yourself why.

I totally agree. I don't like the feeling, when I put my arms around someone and all I feel is bones. yuck!
Being all bones and sinews is what the cartoon-character "nerd" should look like, not someone who wants to be "hot".

Word. Women should have curves. Curves require a layer of subcutaneous fat. Female bodybuilders who manage to get their body fat percentage much below 15%, they stop having their cycle. This is nature's way of telling you that your body thinks it's in danger. How can that be healthy?

Then again, I'm damn near a male stick-figure, so it's good that my wife has curves, otherwise it'd sound like a latin rhythm section every time we got busy. And nobody wants to hear that. ^_^


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