I've been swamped with work and personal matters and haven't had a chance to upload the latest and greatest. There are two shoots that need posting, one with Defect Doll and one with Angela Ryan and Playboy model, Carlotta Champagne. I'll have DD's photos for you tomorrow, but here are a bunch from my shoot with the girls.

First, let me give a big giant thanks to Tommy Mose Abbott for letting us use his terrific downtown loft for our shoot. It's so inspirational to be surrounded by so much art. He's awesome!! Another thank you goes to Jennifer Corona for superb hair and makeup. She's a genius!! And, last but not least, latex provided by Black Lickorish (on Carlotta), House of Bias (on Angela), Vex Clothing (Angela's black and bronze outfit), and Syren (the blue catsuit). Angela's cotton panties were shot for PantiChrist.

The shoot was scheduled for 10am. That was makeup call, so I arrived at 11. Unfortunately, Jennifer was delayed so we got started a bit late. We had the run of Tommy's place and so many terrific outfits to choose from, and we almost got to everything on the list. I think we did 12 looks which wiped me out, but I'm so happy with the results! Angela's always fun and Carly was great to work with too. I'm starting to feel like I'm falling behind, though. Soooo much to edit!!

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I think these are some of the best shots you've ever taken. Carlotta is seriously beautiful, the set with Angela and Carlotta with their hair tied together is amazing and I love the lighting in the all white shots.

Yeah, I really love the two braid shots, especially the one where Angela is pulling. What a neat idea! The symmetry is really fun. :D

Your work is just so truly inspiring. The braid shot is amazing, I love when you shoot two models together because you get to see just the subtle difference in peoples bone structures. They are both thin attractive women and so very similar and connected in that way, but if you look closely there is a lot different about them as well which can also be felt on a deeper level than just physical appearance.


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