Ryan and Scar 1 
Here's the thing... I've been shooting a bunch lately and that means I have a lot of images to edit. A whole lot. So, for that reason, I've decided not to book any shoots for a bit, hopefully giving me a chance to catch up. Now, because I won't be shooting in the next week or two, I won't have new photos to post here, which is why I've decided to post the samples from my last shoots over time. I'll be giving you one per day for the next week. I have to try to keep you interested somehow, right?

My last shoot was a couple nights ago with Ryan Keely and Scar. They are two of my favorite models and I was tickled that I was able to get them together. They really hit it off and the photos turned out really well. Not only are the full sets super hot, but we got some really great stand-alone art images too.

Here's your first taste. Ryan and Scar, wearing some of the hats that Scar makes. Initially, they're in latex by Venus Prototype, then nude. Hope this'll pique your interest enough that you'll come back for the rest. =)

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