Ryan and Scar 4 
Scar - Click to enlarge!

Between sets, we were sitting around talking and Scar mentioned that she sometimes goes out wearing a rhinestone moustache. I nearly fell over when she told me. She was happy to see me so excited about it, and I was happy that she agreed to let me photograph the wonderment. I think this may be my favorite photo that I've ever taken of her in the many years that we've been working together. She is simply so gorgeous. Plus, I love sexy girls in fake moustaches. Win win!!

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Catalyst Echo 
YES! I said this to you IRL but I really think it needs to be said again. AWESOME! \m/ ^_^ \m/

I love. So much.
Might you be making prints sometime? This and the hair tug with Angela Ryan and Carlotta should be framed and large format in my fantasy estate.


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