Ryan and Scar 8 
Ryan Keely - Click to enlarge!

In our last shoot, I introduced Ryan to violet wands. I wanted to shoot her with it again for an upcoming article, this time with her lovely face showing. (Last time she was in full encasement.) She jumped at the chance and this image is from that set.

Here's the thing... This shoot was one of the most intimate I've ever been on hand for. I gave Ryan the violet wand and just documented her playing with it. I really and truly felt like a voyeur because Ryan's pleasure was completely genuine. She moaned, laughed, winced, made guttural noises... It was almost too personal. A L M O S T. What it was was incredibly hot. I think the violet wand will be making another appearance in the not too distant future, because it really needs to be on video. Go Ryan! You're my hero!

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Catalyst Echo 
It's funny that you should have posted about the personal nature of this shoot because I've been trying to figure out if I wanted to ask you about that very subject. the A L M O S T in this post is priceless.


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