Desert Takedown 1 
Photography is like anything else in that it comes in waves. Sometimes it seems I'm shooting nothing but lingerie and stockings, lately it's been latex, other times it's corsets. What I haven't been shooting much of in the recent past is bondage. Which is really a shame because I seriously love capturing well-crafted rope bondage. You can imagine how stoked I was when Mz Berlin called to invite me to shoot stills during the filming of her upcoming BDSM movie. She really didn't need to ask me twice.

We all met out at DJ's desert oasis and I sat around fiddling with my gear while she, her co-star, and her cameraman discussed the particulars of the day's shoot. I really felt privileged to be included because it sounded like I'd be in for something special. Not only is Mz Berlin smoking hot, she's a pervert of the highest order. The first amazing quote of the day was her telling her co-star, "do you want to cum on my shoes? You can do that then stick them in my mouth." That is a really good sign. At each turn, she chose the most intense, difficult bondage offered. When asked if she wanted to be staked to the ground on the grass or on the rocks and sand, she chose the latter because it'd be more brutal. Her big wish was to be absolutely filthy by the end of the day, and she got her wish.

I had a total blast for so many reasons. I got to work with some serious professionals who really know their shit. I got to hang out with good friends. I got to capture the type of images I seldom get offered. I enjoyed the rare kind of shoot that is never about "do I look fat in this". And, most of all, I got to watch a truly kinky woman genuinely get off on some seriously fucked up shit. I'm lucky. =)

I'm keeping the one photo per day thing going, so here's the first of many samples from Mz Berlin's desert takedown. Enjoy!!

Miss Conduct 
Who did the rope work?


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