Same old tune 
How many posts will I make that start with me saying how much I suck, that I've been swamped, that I should post more? Well, I'm no fortune teller, but here's another one. =)

I mentioned before that I've been taking a hiatus from shooting lately because I have so much other work that I've neglected. The moratorium continues, but I've managed to do a couple shoots despite that.

One the 30th, Mz Berlin invited me to shoot stills on her first b/g porno (well, the first one that's her production). It was supposed to be more of a straight sex kind of movie, but knowing Mz, I was not surprised in the least that it contained some very hot fetish elements. Her co-star, Mark Davis, totally turned her out. I can't wait to see the finished product because this was a seriously hot movie. Let's see... Stockings. High heels. Breath play. Face slapping. Smoking. Cocksucking. Fucking. Fingerbanging. Squirting. You get the idea. I'm actually not a fan of b/g porn, it's so fake and lame usually. Not this time. Mz Berlin totally commits, she's completely lost in the scene and her orgasms attest to it.

Yesterday, I met Jade Vixen at her swanky Hollywood hotel and spent the day shooting her in rubber. How many latex pervs can you cram into a hotel room? LOL I'm happy to say that more is merrier as she posed with two very kinky partners, all dolled up in rubber. I was bouncing off the walls with happiness. =)

Here's a shot from each shoot, with more to come over the next week. Enjoy!

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