Jade Vixen pets her kitty - 2 
Jade Vixen, and Sandy, the tiger, shot 07 June, 2009. Custom latex isn't cheap. It takes a true love of rubber to invest in the best clothing. And, as a photographer who loves shooting this fetish, I am beside myself when I get to photograph hard-core rubberists!! Special thanks to Sandy for letting me capture the magic.

The full set of photos will be a future update at MyFetishDiary.com! And, psssttt... You know, don't you, that I save the really dirty photos for my members.

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Sandy you never looked this good

Mmm - I didn't know Jade ever shot in full-face hoods. What lovely outfits!

I think Jade Vixen's lips and eyes were just made for a hood, they make her look so wonderfully doll-like.


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