The Brood 
It's been a long week of working on websites, entertaining friends, adding to my family, and even throwing in a couple of shoots.

My work continues on Mz Berlin's membership site. I hope hope hope I'll be able to complete it next week. (This has been a huge undertaking! Three sites, whew!) Mz also spent a couple days over here with me and we managed to shoot a couple video clips and photo sets. One sexy smoking / stocking gallery, and one kinky bedroom set where she puts herself into some serious predicament scenarios, trying not to pull off the clover clamps on her pussy while she masturbates with my hitachi. Think she succeeded? You'll just have to wait and see! Here's a before shot of Mz Berlin looking gorgeous in lingerie and vintage RHT stockings. Yeah, I know she's not naked, but this was the photo I used on Twitter and it had to be PG. =)

The other day, Paige Richards arrived. She comes out and stays with me about once a year, and it's always so awesome to see her. She's always so busy, though, so I made sure to book a shoot with her well in advance. It's been years since we've worked together. I'm actually writing this entry really quickly because our shoot starts in about an hour and I have to get my gear together. While she was here, I re-designed her website, so go check it out and give her some kisses while you're there. It's basically a hub leading you to all her online ventures, clips stores, video stores, VOD shop, autographed swag and more!

And, as though all of that wouldn't keep me busy enough, in our infinite wisdom, my man and I decided that three dogs weren't enough, so we adopted two new miniature dachshunds a couple nights ago. They are WAY younger than our other dogs and their boundless energy has really surprised us. (I just took this photo, and it'll remind me that, eventually, they tire out. LOL) But, damn are they cute!!!


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