Venice 9 - Mosh 
Venice, continued...

In this image, Mosh wears an adorable transparent latex bra and booty shots set, decorated with black lace. I happened to have matching gloves and garter in my mobile wardrobe unit (my truck), and she supplied the stockings and mules. I love the mix of rubber and frills.

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It does :) its what keeps me coming back so much!

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Thank you!!

I really enjoy variety, and I hope that shows in my work. I don't pre-plan shoots, so each one is a surprise and I just go with it. Mosh is so awesome, anyways, I always know the results will be special. =)

This is absolutely beautiful, the yellow tones give it a real vintage feel compared to alot of your work, its wonderful. The editing of it looks slightly different to your usual but maybe thats the vintage feel of the picture. One of my favourites of your recent work me thinks :) you and Mosh make a kickass team!

What a cool location! I love all of the yellow together.


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