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I am in awe every time I see my images in print. It never gets old. =)

Just received the new issue of Bizarre Magazine in the mail, this one with my article about Defect Doll. With each new issue, I'm in for a bit of a surprise since I don't see the edited text beforehand. The funniest bit in this issue is their description of DD, which describes her as having "penetratable rubber mouths". Ha ha ha... Classy!

Last night, I wrapped up my next article which will be in the issue after next.

Here's the full line-up so far:

Issue 150 - Stoya
Issue 151 - Ryan Keely
Issue 152 - Defect Doll
Issue 153 - Xanthia
Issue 154 - Darenzia

If you have an idea for a fetish that should be featured, just let me know!

I was just looking up fetishes and these are all so weird, It would be cool to see any of these in photos and bizarre if possible!<3
Autassassinophilia- The person is sexually aroused by putting themselves in situations in which they may be killed.

Andromimetophilia-A woman who is sexually aroused by impersonating a man. They purposefully look like and act like a man. I think the one shot you have of Scar would totally work for this!

Mysophilia- Dirt,Mud,Filth

Hierophilia-sexual attraction to religious and sacred objects

:) I'm sure you'll come up with something fab for hoods, I tried to think of things I've not seen in the mag recently, I've definetly never seen them run a feature on hands in the years I've been buying, but I don't really know many people with that particular fetish.
Latex is harder to do, they had a columnist recently who only wrote about different latex fetishes so he was really stricted in what he wrote, but he never covered hoods :)

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
Thanks, Kitten. I'll see what I can do. The trick is that I have to choose a topic that not too general, and that they haven't covered recently.

Hoods are my favorite favorite, just have to get the right angle so they'll approve it.

I loved this issue, Defect Doll has always fascinated me so it was great to learn more about her!
I'd love to see your thoughts about full latex hoods as I adore them, and I know you do, something on heels/shoes, women wearing moustaches, and my personal favourite fetish is wrists/hands, either bare or in latex gloves, particularily being licked or sucked, so I'd love to see your take on that!


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