Been working so hard lately, there hasn't been any time for me. Well, tonight I'm saying "eff you" to responsibility and am getting down to some serious play.

I've had a new hood and new shoes for months now, but this is the first chance I've had to take them for a test drive. I'm feeling pretty foxy. =)

I think that's my new favorite photo of me. Prepare to see it plastered everywhere! LOL

catalyst echo 
I am taking some time to ACTUALLY try to read blogs and learn what everyone else has been going...

and those boots are great! I bet they would look fantastic with latex stockings done up with vintage tiny polka dots and 8 hook garter belt.

(that sounded really creepy but I really was just picturing the outfit until I realized it sounded creepy... now I am gonna leave it here because it's awkwardly inappropriate).


I love that hood! It looks so cute and girly in pink, I look forward to seeing that photo plastered everywhere!

Lovely hood and the shoes are amazing! Where did you get them from? :)


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