But, it's a dry heat 
Yesterday's awesome shoot-out in the desert was great, yet sweltering and exhausting. Picked up Darenzia in the morning and drove out to meet up with Ryan Keely , Vance , Skin, and Mosh . DJ hosted us again at his wonderful location, and Sutan came along to make magic upon some faces.

The desert sun was brutal, and Skin nearly passed out on me while were were shooting out first set. Poor thing was in latex, trying to balance on super-high heels while her rubber socks filled up with sweat. helping her into the air-conditioned blast of my truck was almost as dangerous as leaving her out in the sun. Her feet kept sliding and she'd slip out of her shoes. I'm grateful that she didn't end up with sun stroke or a sprained ankle.

Darenzia wears latex by Atsuko Kudo .
Mosh and Skin are sporting some killer printed latex hods and thongs by Ego Assassin .
Skin's polka dot bikini and Ryan's sheer pink rubber outfits are by Black Lickorish Latex.

And, for the aye que super foot-fetish NSFW porno shot, you'll have to check after the cut. =) Just making sure you're paying attention.

I always love the colours in your photos Christine!

Really awesome work as usual!

...oh yeah the models are pretty cute too :D


What a cute shot of Mosh and Skin in the sprinkler! :)

catalyst echo 
i like them all, actually. it looks like a great location. and your models/technique... always top notch.

catalyst echo 
Skin is the stunningly bass-ass posing perfectly under a flag-like wind sweep of vibrant pink hair? With the whole blue sky and desert-dead horizon line? in that purple polka dot bikini?

she is beautiful. That shot of her ... (https://myfetishdiaryblog.com/images/skin-wind-071409-011.jpg) ... wow.

5 do have the words to say more but I'll spare you the schlemiel. I love that photo tho.

Love all of the shots. I don't have a foot-fetish but that photo is one of my favorites. Glad everyone survived the heat alright!

I love these, the desert location looks different everytime you and Vance shoot it :) I think my fave of these is the shot of Skin and Mosh under the sprinklers, its so much fun! and the focus of the foot fetish shot is delish.
I shot a set recently inspired by you, when the model finishes joining zivity it'll be on there :) I hope you'll like it!

i love the quality of your photos. very pretty girls too


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