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This is part 2.

Let's be clear about this. If you came to me and said, Christine, today you will shoot a model in chainmail, I'd tell you you were nuts. Having said that... It actually happened with Angelit. And the ONLY reason I shot her in chainmail was because it's not like icky ren faire chainmail. That's a lie. The other reason is because Angelit had me in her spell and I was likely to do anything she wanted. =)

In today's update, Angelit wears her own metal top and some sweet-ass criss-cross pantyhose that I foisted upon her. Win-win! Images from this gallery will be in my new book!

This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are up to 3x this size on the website!

For more beautiful women in sheer hosiery, visit!

Great shots.

I love your site, it's truly original and offers great reads and visuals. :-)




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