No rest for the wicked 
Still recovering from last night's/this morning's crazy long shoot with Mz Berlin and Darenzia. We totally gave it our all. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. In fact, I'm about to keel over, but wanted to post sample images before I turn in.

Darenzia had hot latex courtesy of House of Bias, and Mz Berlin needed mistressy photos for her domination ad, plus we shot nearly two hours of video. All this accomplishment leaves me with mixed emotions. I love what we've created, but as the models go away, I have weeks of work left to do. <sigh> It's all worth it in the long run, though. =)

Just so you have a clear idea of how much we got done, here's a possibly incomplete list. I'm too wiped out to guarantee that I'll remember it all. LOL

1) Custom video request - Mz Berlin painting and tapping her nails while smoking. (And just for good measure, she masturbates at the end and even squirted!)
2) Video - Mz Berlin ties up Darenzia with classic hemp ropes, then subjects her to a forced orgasm. This is the dirtiest thing I've ever shot Darenzia doing!
3) Video - Mz Berlin and Darenzia spank each other in lingerie and boots.
4) Video - Mz Berlin giving red hot POV humiliation while masturbating. (Boy, was her pussy busy last night!!)
5) Darenzia in hot pink latex.
6) Darenzia outside in House of Bias top, panties, and skirt.
7) Mz Berlin outside in corset and stockings, smoking and pissing.
8) Darenzia in printed rubber bra and panty by House of Bias.
9) Darenzia in a second rubber bra and panty by House of Bias.
10) Darenzia and Mz Berlin in striking pantyhose and heels.
11) Stills of Mz Berlin's bondage rigging (leading up to #2 above).
12) Mz Berlin attacks her nipples and labia with pink clips.
13) Mz Berlin in lingerie and sock garters.
14) Domme photos of Mz Berlin in a gorgeous dress, with a cane and no panties.
15) Domme photos of Mz Berlin in pantyhose with a riding crop.
16) Domme photos of Mz Berlin and the gorilla cage.

I've got samples of nearly all of the still galleries all ready to titillate you, and I won't make you wait a moment longer.

Wow, you have a busy life. I guess you can, at least, say it's interesting though, right?

And your photos are always so beautiful. The shots of Darenzia outside by a garage...only YOU could make that look that good.

Also...I don't know if this is a trade secret or something - but where did the stockings Mz. Berlin is wearing (in the 2 shots with Darenzia) come from? I need to have sex with them! ...or wear them, whichever.

Awesome sets!!!I like Darenzia and Mz Berlin together, they fit so well!!!Great job u all!

I have to say, this is the first time I've seen Darenzia's new boobs and they are wonderful!
I love the shot of Mz Berlin with her nipples clamped, the green background with her red hair looks awesome, and she looks so strong and elegant in the last photo, like a vintage school teacher.


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