Today's one of very few days off. It seems like I've done nothing but work lately. That's almost completely but not entirely true, since Darenzia and I and some of our friends went to see Jon Lovitz the other night. HILARITY.

Tomorrow, I've got another shoot with D-Rock before she heads back to New York. Mosh and Mya should be joining us too. Spoke with my people at House of Bias and it seems there are a bunch of brand spanking new latex designs for us to shoot. Weeee!

In the good news department, earlier in the week, I was commissioned for two more covers for Cleis Press. Cannot wait to see them in person!

Later in the week, my boy and I are going to see Rhys Darby (so excited!), then we're skipping town. We'll be heading up north for a three-day weekend, and I couldn't be more ready. I need some serious R&R!

In addition to the sudden barrage of photo shoots, I've got my Bizarre Magazine deadline, all of my usual photo and video editing, updating and maintaining my own websites, plus wrapping up the design on Mz Berlin's paysite, two MORE paysites for two other models, and one model portfolio site to get done. Daaaaang!

Next month is my birthday, and a few days after that, we're heading out to New Orleans to visit Ryan Keely. She's promising swamp tours, all the oysters I can eat, and a chance to admire her boobs in their natural habitat. Hope I don't just pass out before I hit NOLA. =)

As a side note, I got a wild hair up my butt and decided that I needed to start uploading all of my iPhone photos to my Flickr photostream. The phone's always with me and I love it's camera. The photo posted here was taken with it. If you're interested in checking those out, visit the iPhone gallery on my Flickr page. It includes all my pretentious phone cam "art", plus behind the scenes images of models at shoots, Mosh's 6" heels, and more. Fun, fun, fun!!


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