I'm dreaming of the day when my blog entry will begin with "I've got a fat bankroll and time to spare." LOL But for now, let's just say I'm looking for more time to get everything done.

I wanted to update you guys with new photos from my latest shoot. I photographed Darenzia, Mya, and Mosh for House of Bias latex. Makeup and hair on D and Mya was expertly rocked by Jennifer Corona. Mosh did her own. And, a special thanks goes out to my pal, Kirk Alley, for letting us invade his amazing home.

Darenzia and I also risked everything to take pictures of her vag out in public at 1am. It was worth it, though. =D

I realize the vag isn't shown in the sample, but rest assured that members will see it soon!

spectacular shoot, great house and awesome house of bias latex.This photos are so captivating.Loooooved to see Darenzia and Mosh together, I hope they shoot together very soon!

Cracking up at "vag out in public". And this was someones home?? Wow!

These are all gorgeous, especially the post-vag Darenzia shot and first of Mosh by herself.

HOB has some interesting looking latex.

wow, your friend has a seriously amazing home! I love the patterns in the latex as a contrast to the 'classic' location, though I have yet to figure out where you would wear one of those bikini things on its own, though I love it with the leggings on Darenzia


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