Dear Models 
Dear Models,

This entry is a bit different than usual because a model friend of mine whose Eros bill is through the roof asked me to write it. So here goes.

I'm writing specifically to "fetish models" and even more specifically to those "fetish models" who pose in latex. Please bring your own lube. We go through LOTS of lube on shoots, both for dressing in and polishing latex garments. I do bring some lube, but you should as well. It's part of being prepared. I can't tell you how many times everyone's lube gets used up, except for the model being shot... Because she didn't bring any.

Now, if you don't provide latex as part of your wardrobe, and I have some from a designer and you weren't planning to shoot latex, then don't sweat it. Otherwise, lube's expensive, girls. Please pitch in.

K, thanks.

Hear hear! Other models don't want to "loan" out their lube either.

I loves you.


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