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Jean Bardot is so much fun. Whether dolled up, like in this gallery, in head-to-toe rubber (and an inflatable coat and torpedo tit catsuit), or waking me from a deep sleep with her drunken laughter. She only makes me want more!

This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are up to 3x this size on the website!

For more kinky scenes with rubber dolls and latex pervs, visit!

Oh no! It's definitely colorful and girly...I was meaning more the lingerie or brightly colored latex that makes them look like little dolls. (I was going to write it as "slutty dolls" ...but that might have been misinterpreted in a rude way)

This shot is REALLY cool, though!

Administrator (Christine Kessler) 
What? This isn't girly and colorful? ;)

I'm usually a fan of the girly colorful stuff, but this is pretty awesome!

that oufit is amazing, I love how the photo looks almost like Jean is stood in a breeze. She is just made for outfits like this, the hood and blow up breasts are fab on her


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