I know I'm REALLY fucking lucky to be able to shoot with so many amazing models, and that they want to shoot with me. Unfortunately, if you've read my recent entries, you know that I am totally behind in editing. Well, what's been happening is that I shoot, I edit, I get slightly ahead, then I shoot again and am back where I started. It's for that reason that I'm just not going to book any non-paid shoots at this time. I'm serious.

I apologize to any models out there who want to shoot, but I really need to concentrate on getting stuff done on this end.

So, the last shoot for a while is the one I just had with January Seraph. We've shot a bunch of times, but I rarely get to do any solos with her. So, the other night, I met her at the location and we busted out a bunch of sets in four hours. I've got to say, she's noticeably improved as a model (not that she was a slouch before), and she is looking hotter than ever.

I think she'll be using the nurse images to frighten potential slaves on her domina site. Sounds can be scary, but Nurse January knows what's best!

For my full collection of fetish models and dommes, visit MyFetishDiary.com!


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