Flash is my nemesis 
I spent, literally, hours today trying to get a flash movie to work correctly once I uploaded it to my site. I went round and round, enlisted the help of two people, and still failed. Finally, I got it to play and felt so accomplished! Why do they make it so convoluted?

Once I got that done, my revamp of my site was complete, and I finally have a video page on the tour. FINALLY. What kind of douche doesn't mention videos in her website's tour? LOL

At the end of the day, I started editing some photos of Jade Vixen and Mosh, and I only wish I had enough energy to finish them up before sleep. But that's not to be. That means I'll pick back up tomorrow, complete the edits, and get back to work on Mz Berlin's membership site. I MUST get it done this week. Unfinished projects make me nervous.

Nighty night!

the new tour looks great, I especially like the teaser video section, it was a much needed addition to the tour. I only looked at the old tour earlier in the week so it was nice seeing the subtle changes you've made, and I love the headlines for each section


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