My Mamiya and sloppy borders 
I purchased my first digital camera in 2002, but was still shooting mostly film. I wouldn't make the full move to DSLR for a year or two. I really love film, but it got so damn expensive, and when I decided to start a membership site, it no longer made financial sense. Buying medium format film and getting it all processed was in no way cost-effective. Plus, scanning prints or negs took forever.

Though I'm thrilled with my 5DS Mark II, I miss the heavy, satisfying clunk of the Mamiya's shutter, and the look and feel of prints from film.

I mentioned a minor redesign of the tour the other day, and because I'm a glutton for punishment and don't have nearly enough on my plate, I decided that the splash page and tour need a full update with all new photos. The current version had remained unchanged for years.

Mz Berlin was generous enough to sit by my side while I went through countless galleries, photo by photo, pulling aside images we deemed hot enough to make you want to make sexy-time. She had to leave a while ago to get dolled up for her session tonight with a new slave, and I've stayed at it. Call me obsessed. I'm just worried that THE BEST IMAGE lays just around the next corner. (Don't know when I'll get the new design up, but when I do, you guys will be the first to know.)

It was during my search through my archives that I ran across one of my favorite old bondage shoots. It dates from 2002 and features Tomiko bound by Master Aryn to a friend's chimney, on a roof in Reseda, California. It was shot with my Mamiya 645 and I just adore it.

I miss pearl prints with sloppy borders. =(

The full set of images is available to members. =)


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