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The insanity continues! LOL

A couple days after my birthday, BKP and I boarded a plane, landed in Utah, loitered for hours, boarded a second plane, and finally arrived in New Orleans. We cabbed it over to Ryan Keely's place and proceeded to bask in her ever present glory.

It was my first real vacation in some time, so I didn't even pack my point and shoot. We ate deliciousness, took a trip to Avery Island to visit the Tabasco factory, hit strip clubs, took a tour, and relaxed. We also got a sneak peak at Ryan's spread in Penthouse. You should go pick up this month's copy because Ryan is officially a Penthouse Pet!!

We flew back home and I've worked non-stop since we landed. I have a show hanging in San Francisco and my friend, Henry Lewis, is picking up the framed prints while I'm out of town. Yeah, that's right, I'm off again. Chicago this time to shoot a wedding. But don't let that slip because unless you've got a very persuasive bank account, I'm not interested. So, Kink joined me while I edited and printed 29 photographs, and I only finished framing them all last night. (I hate framing.)

Now it's 3:30am and I have a half hour til I leave for LAX. Just wanted to post quickly and let you all know I had a good excuse for my silence.

I'll also mention that I'm currently obsessing about film. I hauled out my Holgas and some other lo-fi cameras, and dug out all the old, expired film I had packed away. I moved it to a big vase, planted it on one of my bookcases, and now I've got it withing reach. All I have to do is grab a roll on my way out the door. If only processing weren't so expensive, I'd shoot every day.

I've packed four little cameras and a buttload of film for the trip and I can't wait to get shooting. I've got some b/w film, some chrome to xpro, and I'm giving redscale a whirl too. Lookout, Chicago, here I come!!

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Claudio Setti 
Hey Christine,

Do you have a mailing list that you send out for your shows?


oo lots of film sounds so pretty :D I have two 35mm cameras and I've never used them, I really should! The redscale idea sounds really interesting, I'll be looking forward to seeing what you create with it.
And yay for Chicago, I'm going for a week in October and I can't wait to shoot while I'm over there, haven't been to the US for far too long x


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