It's really amazing to me that as we're all moving on to digital, there are actually advances in low-fi photography. Maybe "advances" isn't the right word.

A few obsessive days of combing Flickr has opened my eyes to all sorts of fun possibilities. Microclics, all sorts of crazy xpro results, general Holga awesomeness, killer toy cameras, amazing pinhole work... It just goes on and on.

One of the processes that immediately caught my eye is called "Redscale". It's actually simple, though it can seem daunting. What you do is get a roll of regular color film (35mm was my choice) and in complete darkness, re-spool the film back into the canister with the emulsion facing out. Full instructions here, though I have to say that I didn't do it that way. I went into my closet, at night, lights off, towel pushed up against the base of it just in case, pulled all the film out, cut it, flipped it, taped it back to the remainder, and respooled it. I didn't see the point of having a second canister. I guess there's a risk of really scratching the shit out of the film if you're not careful. So I was careful. Keep in mind, though, that you're going to have to cut the leader or you won't be able to get it into your camera's film uptake slot. It's not as red as some of the samples I've seen online, but you never know what you'll get. Could be because of the film I used, could be the printing (read about my xpro nightmare with the same lab below). But, I have to say that I'm really pleased with the results anyways.

It's been fun shooting film, and shooting non-fetish, non-model, architecture and cityscape stuff. Very inspiring!

If you want full details, check out my Flickr stream. I listed film, exposure, camera info on all my low-fi shots there.


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