I guess this shit is cyclical. You know how celebrities die in threes, or everyone you know is pregnant at the same time... Well, it seems like the word of the year is "flux". I'm not talking Back to the Future or soldering either. I'm talking change. Maybe Mr. Obama got the word stuck in our heads, or maybe it's just the state of the world, but everything's gone haywire lately. I'm not immune either. My life's been topsy turvy, and it's left me feeling scattered and restless. I feel like cleaning house, tossing away crap, getting rid of clutter. Inside and out. Things are happening, good or bad, and I have no idea how they'll end up.

Yes, folks, I'm the queen of vague.

(On a side note, I was on a talk show with Julie Brown several years ago. I have always loved her for giving Madonna the finger. She's my hero!)

So, yeah... WTF? I've been in major avoision mode. (Points to those of you who clocked the Kent Brockman reference!) It's been hard to focus, my thoughts drift. What it is is what it is. And this, too, shall pass. Now don't go getting your panties in a bunch. I'm fine and all that, it's just kind of cuckoo bananas and I'm ready for shit to mellow out.

I've found myself not shooting much, and not doing any fetish shoots. I've been traveling and stuff, shot that wedding, and was so inspired by film and Chicago's architecture, that I have found myself excited about the change of pace. (I have such a huge backlog of editing that I'll be busy for months or years without ever shooting another latex catsuit. LOL)

It was with this buzz that I headed out on my shoot date with Steve Diet Goedde. He had his pinholga, I overpacked as usual (Holga, Ansco Shur-Flash, Superheadz Slim White Angel, plus a few cameras I didn't even use). I met him at his place and he chauffeured us to a spot on the LA River. We walked around in the growing heat taking photos of the surroundings. From there, we went to lunch, then stopped at Octavio's for some comic relief, then headed out to Pasadena. It was great to be outside, shooting film, and spending quality time with SDG.

A few days later, I hopped a plane for San Francisco and a chance to decompress a bit. It was as beautiful as ever, crisp and foggy, and home to friends. While there, I dropped the walkabout film off for processing, and it was at my house when I got back to LA.

I added my favorite images to my non-adult Flickr photostream. Click the thumbs below to see the images, including camera and film details.

(Chances are, you're here for free fetish porn, but if you're actually interested in the filmy stuff, check out my non-fetish blog, LowFiFoto.com.)

Now I'm back home, trying to get a workflow going. Despite the flux, I'm hopeful. To quote Holly Johnson, "The world is my oyster. Ha ha ha ha ha..."

Mmmmm.... Oysters.... ;)

Angela Ryan 
don't think i could have said it better myself. i call it a funk and it's lasted longer than i thought it would. oddly, i have a tee shirt that says "this too shall pass" and find myself wearing it often just to remind myself. here's to getting the funk outta here.

Flux and cleaning... It feels like wanting to make a new nest. Do you want to shop for canned goods, too?

I was a box boy years ago. Late summer and fall was when we started double bagging everything for heavy bags. Canned goods were re-stocked hourly. We called it squirrel season. One guy had a convincing human instinct theory for the season.



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