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Can't wait for 2008! 

Happy new year! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all the best for 2008. Last year was amazing. Truly one of the best years of my life. My first book was released in the US and I had photographs published in several compilations, I was blessed to work with some absolutely amazing models, I was fortunate enough to meet some really great people, and I was able to surround myself with a wonderfully talented and inspiring crowd.

The last couple of weeks, my semi-annual lower back disaster resurfaced, so I have had to spend most of my time flat on my back. I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, though, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. I have a shitload of videos to edit, so many photos to go through, and several photo shoots lined up in the next couple of weeks. With so much to do and to look forward to, it's driving me crazy to lay around doing nothing.

I can't wait to see what the next year will deliver, if recent history is anything to go by, 2008 will be even better than everything that's come before it. I hope that's true for you as well.


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Stoya one 
At least this one gave me credit. That's something...

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Another video 
And this time... photos of mine of Stoya. She's amazing.

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Update - 26 December, 2007 

Princess Pink with Ariel X - In the Legs Gallery

Ariel is so many things in this gallery. LOL Part slutty schoolgirl, part stripper, part exhibitionist... I've got a thing for knee-highs and her legs look stellar in the hot-pink fishnets that I picked out for her to match her mesh top. I like that as she strips out of her clothes and plays with her pussy, she's still wearing her hosiery and heels. Dirty little minx...!

Bonita with Sinnamon Love - In the Portraits Gallery

When Sinnamon pulled this lingerie set out of her suitcase, I was smitten. The bright colors looked so hot against her cocoa skin, and the word "Bonita" was spelled out across her chest. I couldn't agree more. She looks so pretty in this set. We kept it simple, though, cuz it's really all about her big, juicy ass, and perfectly pink pussy. More about this shoot here!

Monochromatic with Stoya - In the Portraits Gallery

This black and white gallery is a special little treat. I was so high from shooting Stoya the week before that I wanted to share her with some of my favorite photographers. I picked her up and we went over to Michael Helms' house so he and Perry Gallagher could train their lenses on her. I planted myself in a corner during one of Michael's shoots with her and snapped these photos. She's so flawless and you can tell how much fun we all had. More about this shoot here!

Behind Xmas Morning with Darenzia - New Video!

Today's video is a behind-the-scenes special from my Xmas morning shoot with Darenzia. In my opinion, this one's even better than the actual Xmas morning video because you can see D's vivacious personality. It's one of the reasons I love her.

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Happy Holidays 
Just taking a moment out from the festivities to wish you all a happy holiday. =) December Gift Exchange is one of my favorite days of the year. Hope it's treating you well too.

My little gift to you...

Wouldn't you love to find her in your stocking?

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Update - 19 December, 2007 

She's on Top - Pt. 2 with Apnea and Stoya - In the Sessions Gallery

Apnea's a big-tough woman in a petite little body. She's not afraid to show her strength, though, especially when Stoya's her willing submissive. Both ladies are wearing latex by Vex in this steamy gallery. I'm particularly infatuated with Stoya in rhinestone cuffs and collar. Looking like she does, on her knees with eyes downcast, she'd inspire the most tentative switch to all sorts of dominant desires.

Piggies with Emily Marilyn - In the Legs Gallery

Emily and I shot this sexy stocking striptease in Oregon this summer. You should have seen the look on her face as she carefully unwrapped the tissue paper package containing her beautiful hosiery. She's such a stockings-slut, really. I don't think you could find any woman who lusts after stockings as much as Emily Marilyn. She truly delights in the look and sensation of having her long legs encased in nylon. This gallery is a testament to her adoration. With each click of my camera's shutter, she moves on to the next stage of undress, playing seductively with the stockings against her skin, between her toes, against her pussy. She's completely incapable of hiding her lust. More from this shoot here!

Miss Conduct Sucks with Miss Conduct - In the Latex Gallery

Today's bonus gallery is made up of some still photos of Miss Conduct in my custom black and transparent VacBed. She was staying over at my house one night and one thing led to another... VacBed came out as it often does, she's in it, sucked down tight, and it occurs to me... YOU SHOULD TAKE PHOTOS! Ha ha. So, yeah... A handful of snapshots was all I could manage. At least I had the presence of mind to do that much. =)

Xmas Morning with Darenzia - New Video!

This video was shot several years ago, actually. It's Darenzia (pre-boob job) opening presents on Xmas morning. We had the good sense to give her lingerie, though, knowing she'd want to try it on right away. I thought this would make a nice little update for this year's holidays. I know you'll enjoy. xoxo!

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D's got Tush too 
D's got fans too, you know. ;)

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My Favorite Model 
Earlier this year, I was asked to contribute to a new book project called "My Favorite Model". It's the brainchild of my publisher at Goliath Books. Basically, as the name suggests, he asked certain photographers to submit images of the woman they most enjoy working with.

"With "favorite" we do not necessarily mean your partner or a person you are personally close to, but a model you like working with as a photographer most. This is an anthology about professional relationships."

I had a really difficult time choosing. Honestly, this was kind of unfair. Fucked up, really. My list of favorites includes Darenzia, Apnea, Emily Marilyn, Stoya... And I'm supposed to narrow it down to one? In the end, I chose Lorraine. We've been working together for years and each time is inspirational. I love her, her look, and her ability to transform herself. Plus she's REALLY dirty. And her photo is on the cover of my book. I even made sure that all of my other girls had other photographers submitting them as favorites, just to be safe. Sadly, not all of them made it in. So, just for the record, let it be known that I love Darenzia. I love Emily. I love Apnea. I love Stoya. I love and am inspired by more models than I could submit, and that's why I have to have my own books published. =)

I got a big box in the mail the other day containing my copies of "My Favorite Model", and it's a doozy! A nice, big tome at 320 pages and 11"x7". Beautifully printed photos by myself, Octavio Arizala, Fred Berger, Derek Caballero, Bob Coulter, Emma Delves-Broughton, Katja Ehrhardt, Peter Gorman, Aaron Hawks, James and James, Dave Naz, Craig Morey, and more! Some of the models include Dragonlily, Julie Strain, Ivy Red, and Ulorin Vex (who was chosen by two separate photographers!!).

The back of the book reads, "It's all about the models. Without these extraordinary women, erotic photography would not exist. 43 outstanding photographers from all over the world share their favorite model with us. 44 stunning beauties are put in the limelight and are paid homage to by the best in contemporary erotic photography. Let them take your breath away! Adore! Enjoy!"

That about sums it up. =)

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File under: I have no time to spare... 

Because I don't have enough things to do... I bring you alternate viewing options. Looks kinda cool, huh?

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New URL - MyFetishDiaryBlog.com 
Hey everyone... I decided that my blog needs a home of its own, so I have moved it to this fancy new domain. Thanks for following me over. Be sure to update your feed info and your bookmarks. Sorry for the hassle. =)

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