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Apnea and Scar 
I love both Apnea and Scar, and I'm glad I'm not the only one. =)

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Photographers love them! 
Here's a video of Emily and Ruby being photographed by Maxime Avet. The photos are lovely, aren't they? It's hard to go wrong with such wonderful models!

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Ruby Luster makes a scene 
That damn Ruby! Can't take her anywhere!

Well, you can, but she'll just look hotter than you and steal all the attention.

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Update - 9 January, 2008 

Little Friend with Chrissy Daniels - In the Legs Gallery

I just love Chrissy Daniels. She's cute and fun and NASTY!! This gallery is just like her, cute, fun, and nasty. She wears bright colors fishnet stockings, bright green mules, and pulls out her "little friend". It's a powerful bullet vibrator with a soft cyberskin sheath in the shape of a little pink mouse. Don't let the cute factor fool you, though! That little fucker packs a punch!

Packaged with Kumi - **New Video**

I really loved shooting this video of Kumi. We were hanging out at my studio and our talented bondage rigger friend, Blaze, came by. Next thing we knew, he had his ropes out and she was getting tied in one position after another! I'm glad I had the presence of mind to grab my video camera to catch the action.

Couch Surfing with Lucretia Stone - In the Portrait Gallery

Lucretia and I actually go waaaay back. Her husband used to work for my ex. He moved to Vancouver, they got married, and I met them on a visit up there a few years later. Little did I know that his shy, beautiful wife would be getting naked for me in the future.

I'm so happy to add her photos to the site. She's got perfect skin, gorgeous big breasts, vibrant tattoos, and the skill to show it all off. In this, her first MFD gallery, she wears beautiful leather boots, fishnet stockings, a knee-length skirt and blazer. I could barely stand the anticipation as each garment fell away revealing her stunning figure. You're gonna love her!

**BONUS** Perry's Girl with Stoya - In the Portrait Gallery

This week's bonus gallery is very dear to me. I was at Michael Helms' house, having delivered Stoya to him and Perry Gallagher as a present. I sat in the sidelines shooting them shooting her. It's always enlightening to watch them work. These photos were shot while Perry was photographing Stoya. Enjoy! More about this shoot here!

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Ariel loves balls! 
Ha ha... I am so behind with my You Tube scavenging. I ran across this video Ariel X uploaded. She's funny and I kinda love her. =)

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Jack's POV 9 
I completely forgot to share!

OK, get ready! The trailer for Stoya's first adult film has been released.

It's porno.
It's so dirty (don't say I didn't warn you!!).
It's FREE!

Make clicking on the photo to go to the trailer page. =)

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Update - 2 January, 2008 

Boots and Stalking with Ruby Luster - In the Legs Gallery

These photos were taken during our trip to the Pacific Northwest this past summer. Rummaging through Ruby's suitcase, I found the most amazing knee boots. Gorgeous, black and shiny with the most extreme arch. She told me that she took these with her to every shoot but no one had asked her to wear them... You can bet that I did! They were so beautiful, so intense, such classic fetish boots; Ruby could barely walk in them. I loved watching her teeter over to the stairs taking the tiniest little steps. I could tell, too, just how sexy she felt wearing them for me. More from this shoot here!

She's a Jewel with Nicolla - In the Corset Gallery

When Nicolla and I shoot, she usually has every outfit and every set all planned out. This time, though, I threw her a curve ball by bringing along extra things to dress her in, like this beautiful corset by Exquisite Restraint. I know Nic loves corsets, and knew that the rich purple jewel tones would look amazing against her skin. She's got such a tight body that even though she's slim, she wears a larger corset size than some of my other models. There's just no cushion on the girl. That didn't prevent us from lacing it down all the way closed, nice and tight! More from this shoot here!

Mistresses of Suck with Persephone, Lorraine, and slave - In the Latex Gallery

Lorraine informed me that her slave would be visiting LA from Germany and that he'd always had a thing for Mistress Persephone. Being the superb hostess that I am, I arranged for his dreams to come true. I set up a shoot date with him and both amazing women, and this gallery is one of the results. Inside the shiny red latex VacBed is one very happy man. Who wouldn't be happy with two gorgeous rubber-clad Mistresses getting their jollies while you're trapped inside heavy rubber bondage?

Pretty Puffs with Stoya - In the Smoking Gallery

For my smoking fans... This week's bonus gallery is made up of some outtakes from a recent shoot with Stoya. At the beginning of the set, she was puffing away on her cigarette. She decided to put it out, though, so she could have her hands free to play with herself the rest of the time. Rather than chuck the smoking photos, I decided to make a little gallery out of them. Wouldn't want to deprive anyone of seeing Stoya's lovely lips wrapped around that lucky cigarette. =) More from this shoot here!

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Can't wait for 2008! 

Happy new year! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all the best for 2008. Last year was amazing. Truly one of the best years of my life. My first book was released in the US and I had photographs published in several compilations, I was blessed to work with some absolutely amazing models, I was fortunate enough to meet some really great people, and I was able to surround myself with a wonderfully talented and inspiring crowd.

The last couple of weeks, my semi-annual lower back disaster resurfaced, so I have had to spend most of my time flat on my back. I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, though, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. I have a shitload of videos to edit, so many photos to go through, and several photo shoots lined up in the next couple of weeks. With so much to do and to look forward to, it's driving me crazy to lay around doing nothing.

I can't wait to see what the next year will deliver, if recent history is anything to go by, 2008 will be even better than everything that's come before it. I hope that's true for you as well.


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Stoya one 
At least this one gave me credit. That's something...

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Another video 
And this time... photos of mine of Stoya. She's amazing.

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