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I'm a busy bee! 
I picked up Darenzia at the airport last night. She's here for two weeks, and not a moment too soon. I missed her!!

I have a fuckton of shoots coming up, and I thought I was going to take it easy for a while. LOL Darenzia, Angela Ryan, Kortni, Hollywood Geisha, and a new model, Angelit. I'm really looking forward to them. I picked up some amazing latex from my friend Alyssa yesterday, so plan on seeing some serious rubber sexiness in the near future. =)

Anastasia Pierce called today to invite me to a party Saturday night. So, it looks like me, D, and some of our people will be making the trip out there for what will undoubtedly be, some hardcore fun.

To top things off, MyFetishDiary.com has reached a milestone! After five years online, my website is in the top 100,00 sites on the internet, according to Alexa.com. And it keeps growing! This morning it was at 99,110, and now it's number 95,356. Thanks to all of you for making high class fetish porno so popular!!

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Update - 23 January, 2008 

Retro Raunch with Anastasia Pierce - In the Legs Gallery

These photos were taken the first time I ever shot Anastasia Pierce. She is so damn sexy and so fucking kinky, and her fetishes are as varied as mine. She is seriously turned on by sexy lingerie and snug stockings, and it's abundantly clear in this set of images. My favorite thing, though, is that she finger fucks herself while wearing dainty black gloves. That really does it for me. =)

Circus Girl with Apnea - In the Latex Gallery

I have to be careful when I shoot Apnea. Sometimes we're having so much fun that we get downright silly. These photos teetered on the edge at first... I dressed her in a sexy black and red striped open-breast latex dress by Venus Prototype and she added matching stockings. Next thing you know, she was wearing a silver cap over one of her teeth with a skull and crossbones on it. Somehow, she manages to make "circus pirate" look super sexy. The girl has a gift....

Plaid Princess with Nicolla - In the Encasement Gallery

My friend, Milkboy, had given me some skintight catsuits to shoot and I took them along to dress Nicolla in. There's no one who'd look hotter in plaid zentai than her. And when the suit comes off, it's all about her amazing hardbody. More about this shoot here!

Heavy Breathing with Jean Bardot - New Video

I'm so happy we shot video of Jean Bardot using my special kinky rebreather bottle. Hearing her struggle to get air through the liquid and the sound of the bubbles... Mmmmm! More about this shoot here!

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My heart belongs to Apnea 
Ok, I gush about Apnea all the damn time. Cuz she's hot. And she's my friend. And I love her like no other. And, just in case you're some kind of doubter... Check out this "scrapbook page" she just sent me. It's the best thing I've ever seen in my life and her old man had better watch it, cuz next time I see her, I'm not letting her go. I need me some Apnea entertainment 24/7.

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Go Kustom 
I haven't seen Kitten Coquette in a few years so it was really nice to find this interview and striptease video of her on You Tube. I do wish she'd come back to LA already!

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Damn... Another great show missed! I need some frequent flyer miles so I can make it to all these events. LOL

Here's Jean Bardot and Rubber Doll from the Fetish Factory anniversary party. Shiny rubber and ballet boots. Sounds like my kind of fun!

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This kitty's got torpedo tits! 
I found this video of the ever-yummy Jean Bardot performing a few years ago. I only wish the video was clearer, or that I'd been there myself. It looks like a pretty hot show!

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Dave Naz's blog 
I must be living under a rock. I don't know how I missed Dave Naz's blog, but I did. I'm making up for my ignorance by telling you about it here. It's extensive, going back several years. Sadly, he hasn't updated it since late last year, but I'm sure he'll be updating soon. Lots of photos and personal posts... Bookmark it, you'll love it!

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Jelena - Danni's Girl 
It's been a while since I shot at Danni's Hard Drive, and just as long since Jelena and I have shot together. Gonna have to do something about that! Here's a video of her from Danni's, she was girl of the month back in January 2006.

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Update - 16 January, 2008 

I shot Emily at Michael Helms' house last year. In this set, she wore pasties, sheer panties, fishnet stockings, and her fancy Louboutins. OMG, she was so gorgeous in the summer shade, her body amazing, eyes smoldering... I can never get enough of Emily. Read more about this shoot here!

OK... Emily's amazing. So is Jewell Marceau. I have to watch myself or every single post will be about how "amazing" my sexy friends are.... But it's true! In this gallery, Jewell wears custom latex by Atsuko Kudo. In the beginning, at least. You see, Jewell's a naughty girl and you just can't keep clothes on her. Not that you'd want to! I was more than pleased when she revealed her famous breasts, and still happier when the big black vibrator disappeared into her pussy. =) More about this shoot here!

This week's bonus gallery features the lovely Miss Betka in latex on the streets of Downtown LA. She not only turned heads, but a few brave souls even came up to ask her about it. Consider it a public service... More about this shoot here!

I shot stills of Jean Bardot wearing a red rubber catsuit and hood, sucking air through my liquid rebreather bottle. Not only did she look fucking amazing (duh) but the sound was phenomenal! Bubbles piled upon bubbles, breath straining more with each passing minute... So, VIDEO! I'm really pleased with this one. Fans of latex and breath play will be as well! More from this shoot here!

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Sugasm #114 

Sugasm #114

Lucy C courtesy of TGP.

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This Week’s Picks
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“Naked now, I turned her towards him, running my hands across breasts, midriff and down between her legs.”

“She’s hot, where only seconds ago in the throes and tears of her ecstacy she shivered.”

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