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Darenzia and Zoë Britton 
Earlier this week, I had the awesome pleasure of shooting Darenzia and Zoë Britton at Winky Waco (our pal, Octavio's compound). I hadn't shot Zoë for a couple years and the last time was for Danni's Hard Drive. I'm so excited to have her on my own site because she's fucking hot.

We had way too much fun, two hot babes, an amazing makeup artist (Jennifer Corona), piles of latex and lingerie, so many sexy shoes, Octavio's antics... Genius. I think D and Zoë met at this year's AVN in Vegas. They met, hung out, partied, and developed a chemistry that's seriously palpable. I think they should get naked together all the damn time. Them together is so great, in fact, that we've already planned to do it again in a couple days. I can't fucking wait!!

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Update - 30 January, 2008 

At the Lodge with Darenzia - In the Legs Gallery

Darenzia is easily on of my favorite leg models. Her long, graceful legs are gorgeous and she's got a genuine love of hosiery and heels. In this gallery, she wears a beautiful dress over sheer lingerie and beautiful stockings, showing off her ballerina's body for my camera. I loved every minute of it. =)

Mirror, Mirror 1 with Stoya - In the Corset Gallery

I think it's pretty obvious that I get a real thrill out of dressing beautiful girls in fetish finery. It was a thrill to lace Stoya into a beautiful corset by Exquisite Restraint, tightening and cinching as her tiny waist grew even smaller. I had her placed before a wall of mirrors and let her go to town, staring at herself as she played with her nipples and pussy, and giving me two beauties to photograph instead of one. More about this shoot here!

Going Parking with Betka Schpitz - In the Latex Gallery

Last year, while Betka was in town, we spent a long day shooting with Gwen. At one point, while Gwen was resting, B dressed herself all in white rubber and we ran out to the parking lot to take photos. It was an unexpected bonus during an already terrificly rubber-filled day. More from the day here!

Latex Summer with Jewell Marceau - New Video

Is there a better way to celebrate the end of summer than to join Jewell Marceau in her pool? Even better if she's covered in latex. We had a blast shooting this video, floating and swaying in the water, watching her get wetter and wetter... More from this day here!

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Angela and Mina 
Day before yesterday, I shot with Angela Ryan and Mina Meow at my friend, Rodeo's, apartment. The shoot was a bit of a quickie, but we all had a blast. More fab latex by Black Lickorish... =)

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Yesterday was my first shoot with Angelit. I say "first shoot" because I'm hoping there are others. She was a joy to hang out with, a lot of fun, and incredibly sexy. As I was editing the sample photos, it occurred to me that I rarely photograph women like her. There's something very "womanly" about her, something that sets her apart from the models I usually work with. Whatever that something is, I think I love it. I hope to get the opportunity to explore it more with her in the future. =)

Red dress, green dress, and polka dot top by Black Lickorish.

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Angela, Emily, Darenzia 
As promised, I'm posting the rest of the samples from my shoot with Angela Ryan, Emily Marilyn and Darenzia. Now I need to do yesterday's samples... Then today's... Actually, I'm shooting through Wednesday, and Saturday too. So be prepared. LOL

In photo #1, Angela's corset is by Exquisite Restraint. In photo #2, her latex is by Black Lickorish.

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Drip drip drip 
It's been dumping rain for days, and though I love it, it's making it hard to drive in LA. The city's just not set up for it...

I'm on my way to another shoot in a minute, but I wanted to post a photo from yesterday's shoot with Angela Ryan (and her new boobs) and Emily Marilyn. Darenzia popped in later, but I just have time to show you one photo. Will upload samples from the rest of the day later. =)

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I'm a busy bee! 
I picked up Darenzia at the airport last night. She's here for two weeks, and not a moment too soon. I missed her!!

I have a fuckton of shoots coming up, and I thought I was going to take it easy for a while. LOL Darenzia, Angela Ryan, Kortni, Hollywood Geisha, and a new model, Angelit. I'm really looking forward to them. I picked up some amazing latex from my friend Alyssa yesterday, so plan on seeing some serious rubber sexiness in the near future. =)

Anastasia Pierce called today to invite me to a party Saturday night. So, it looks like me, D, and some of our people will be making the trip out there for what will undoubtedly be, some hardcore fun.

To top things off, MyFetishDiary.com has reached a milestone! After five years online, my website is in the top 100,00 sites on the internet, according to Alexa.com. And it keeps growing! This morning it was at 99,110, and now it's number 95,356. Thanks to all of you for making high class fetish porno so popular!!

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Update - 23 January, 2008 

Retro Raunch with Anastasia Pierce - In the Legs Gallery

These photos were taken the first time I ever shot Anastasia Pierce. She is so damn sexy and so fucking kinky, and her fetishes are as varied as mine. She is seriously turned on by sexy lingerie and snug stockings, and it's abundantly clear in this set of images. My favorite thing, though, is that she finger fucks herself while wearing dainty black gloves. That really does it for me. =)

Circus Girl with Apnea - In the Latex Gallery

I have to be careful when I shoot Apnea. Sometimes we're having so much fun that we get downright silly. These photos teetered on the edge at first... I dressed her in a sexy black and red striped open-breast latex dress by Venus Prototype and she added matching stockings. Next thing you know, she was wearing a silver cap over one of her teeth with a skull and crossbones on it. Somehow, she manages to make "circus pirate" look super sexy. The girl has a gift....

Plaid Princess with Nicolla - In the Encasement Gallery

My friend, Milkboy, had given me some skintight catsuits to shoot and I took them along to dress Nicolla in. There's no one who'd look hotter in plaid zentai than her. And when the suit comes off, it's all about her amazing hardbody. More about this shoot here!

Heavy Breathing with Jean Bardot - New Video

I'm so happy we shot video of Jean Bardot using my special kinky rebreather bottle. Hearing her struggle to get air through the liquid and the sound of the bubbles... Mmmmm! More about this shoot here!

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My heart belongs to Apnea 
Ok, I gush about Apnea all the damn time. Cuz she's hot. And she's my friend. And I love her like no other. And, just in case you're some kind of doubter... Check out this "scrapbook page" she just sent me. It's the best thing I've ever seen in my life and her old man had better watch it, cuz next time I see her, I'm not letting her go. I need me some Apnea entertainment 24/7.

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