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The Out of Towners 
Scar rules the school. Seriously. She's always been one of my favorite people, and for good reason. To add to my list of why she's awesome, today she let us invade her home, make a mess (we cleaned up before we left, but still...), distract her from work, and generally be nuisances. All for no personal gain. She's quite a giver.

So... Here's how it went. Mischa and Conan have been staying with me for a few days. They've been down here in LA fro San Francisco and it's been great having them on my home turf. (They were wonderfully giving hosts when I was up in SF in September, so it's the very least I could do.) This morning, Conan left early to pick up Billy and Mischa rode with me to pick up Aradia. Then, the three of us drove downtown to Scar's place, arriving just as Conan's hooptie was pulling up. My super amazing assistant, Suzan, was already there, so we all shlepped suitcases, camera bags, light stands, lighting, and wardrobe up the stairs and promptly barfed it all over the floor.

Aradia had some gorgeous outfits from HMS Latex and Ego Assasin, and I had corsets from Exquisite Restraint, so it was just a matter of getting her dressed and training my camera on her. As luck would have it, Conan had arranged for a hairdresser for his Zivity shoot, and Aradia batted her eyelashes and convinced him to work her over too. Then, Conan batted HIS eyelashes and Mischa got to sit in his chair too. So, big thanks goes to Daven Mayeda for beating face and doing some amazing hair!

It was one of those "hurry up and wait" kind of days, though, so I only shot four sets which makes me feel like a slacker. The results were well worth waiting for, though, so I am not complaining.

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MyFetishDiary.com member update 
I usually try to limit how many times I shoot a certain outfit, but these gorgeous sheer metallic leopard print zentai suits are just too good to pass up. I brought them along to my shoot with Nicolla thinking she'd choose one to wear, but when Raja saw them, it ended up being a two-some.

We shot in Nic's hotel room on Hollywood's Sunset Strip, just a little domestic scene like any other. LOL Well, not exactly. Nic serves Raja coffee and a paper, but that's clearly not enough. She gets fondled and groped and stripped just for you. This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are 3x this size on the website!

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Dear Models 
Dear Models,

Please spend the time and money to get a good quality foundation that actually matches your skin tone. Drug stores won't cut it. Make the trek to the mall, Sephora or a good department store. Have the help help you. I can't tell you why, but it seems that a whole lot of foundations are really yellow. If your skin tone is naturally pink, then when I edit your photos, I actually have to go to the extra trouble of changing your face to match your body. It sucks.

And don't forget to match the shade. If your body is pale, your face should be too. And vice-versa.

K, thanks.

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MyFetishDiary.com member update 
Today's video update is entitled, Bathroom Frills - I love Aradia in this video. She's so sweet and spunky, but you can still tell that the girl's trouble! We shot this in Steve Diet Goedde's funky retro bathroom and it is the perfect backdrop for her striptease.

It's 640x480 and for members only!!

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Stoya's the best!! 
Congrats to Stoya who won the Best New Starlet award at this year's AVN Adult Movie Awards. She's soooo one of my favorite people on earth, and I'm really happy for her. She's made quite a big impression in the one year she's been doing adult films. Plus, I'm really into the fact that she's not some fake tanned, fake boobed, bottle blonde airhead.

Gooooo Stoya!!

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MyFetishDiary.com member update 
Today's update: Part 2!! If you knew Satine, you'd know that she's fond of making these little cat purring sounds. It's not only cute, it totally fits her. She can be a scrapping tomcat, an adorable housecat, or an unabashed sex kitten. Usually the latter. These photos make me think of her mewing, claws out, pawing at you just enough to draw your attention. Not that she even needs to try.

I love her in striped socks and heels and her fuzzy pink sweater. In this winter cold, nothing sounds better than curling up beside her. Only, you'll have to wait til she puts away her vibrator if you're looking to snuggle. This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are 3x this size on the website!

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I am not ashamed to say that I am an honorary gay. Always have been. It goes way beyond fag-hagness. I am a gay man except I don't have a penis. Oh, and I like to eat pussy. But that's besides the point.

Most of my best friends have always been gay men. I just get them. They get me. It works. We have a lot of in jokes, just like any group of friends. We also share a love of certain culturally important artistic expressions. It's these similarities that solidify our friendships and allow us to have entire conversations of one-liners. You know how it is.

Well, one of our best-loved films, and I'm speaking now of my personal gays and I, is a documentary called Paris is Burning. It's about the underground Vogueing culture in NY in the late 1980s (the film was released in 1990). It's spectacular. It's camp, funny, touching, and important all at once. Don't know what I'm referring to? Well, this is where Madonna STOLE vogueing from. (Has that woman ever had an original idea?)

In the documentary, they follow several colorful characters through their regular lives, their loves, their homes, their histories, and, finally, to the Balls. I would venture to guess that the reason this film is soooo entrenched in the gay culture is because it is so fucking quotable. Line after line. You become Venus, Octavia... You live it.

Well, I was fucking around on Facebook earlier and noticed there was a PIB fan page. Of course, I joined, but I also sent invites to a few of my choice gays. One of them, Milkboy (whom I've written about before) sent me a video response.

It took me the better part of an hour to try to figure out how to get the fucking thing off Facebook so I could post it here, but I've been industrious!

So, here is Milk, doing a drop-dead impersonation of Venus Xtravaganza in her finest moment. He soooo made my day with this!

Here's the original from the movie.

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Toe and Arch login 
It was brought to my attention that people have been unable to login to ToeandArch.com with their MyFetishDiary.com passwords. I've spoken to the billing company, they identified the problem, and the password files have been rebuilt. So, it's good to go. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

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Facebook Fan Page 
If you feel so inclined... Please visit (and bookmark, and join) my Facebook fan page. =)

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Scar and Dina 
Yesterday was great. Last minute shoot with Scar and Dina DeSade. It was a late-night romp, starting around 7 and lasting well after midnight. My love for Scar goes way way back and is common knowledge. Every moment we spend together is a treat, and shooting at her place was extra special. It's a huge, wild loft space with her special touches making it spectacular. I guess, in a previous incarnation, it had served as a rave place and there's weird paint going on in the bathrooms, but I seriously loved it.

This was my first time shooting with Dina DeSade, and she was a hoot. All in all, we had too much fun, too much latex, and way too many shoes. All of these things are pluses, obviously!

Credits: Dina's corset by my uber-talented friend, Simone of Exquisite Restraint. The transparent/stripy latex by HMS Latex, and the black and white latex by Fierce Couture. Dina's dress in the second photo, and the outfits worn in the blue room are by Black Lickorish!

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