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Update - 20 February, 2008 

Dirty, Sexy Romance with Darenzia & Ulorin Vex - In the Legs Gallery

There's something about this gallery that really works for me. Darenzia and Ulorin are so perfect together. Not only are they both uniquely beautiful, but they feed off of each other's love of sexy lingerie and stockings. More from this shoot here!

Punk Rock Bondage with Miss Conduct - In the Sessions Gallery

Miss C makes two appearances this week. First in this BDSM gallery, and also in a video. We just shot these a couple months ago. She came down to LA to visit and she and Randy were itching for some fun. I just followed them out to my backyard and let them do what came naturally.

Miss Rubber with Miss Conduct - **New Video**

I bring you a new video this week. Miss Conduct in a sexy latex hood with a transparent rubber face and a tight corset doing what she does best... Looking fierce...

Wooden with Betka Schpitz - In the Latex Gallery

This week's bonus gallery features the lovely Miss Betka Schpitz in a custom latex outfit by Vex Clothing. Ms. B and I shot this up in the woods in Oregon during one of our trips to the mountains. I quite like the feel of these photos. They seems so timeless.

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Phoenix Rising 
Ok, so where the hell has Satine Phoenix been all my life? LOL Pia befriended her a few years ago, and she told me about her then. But I didn't meet her until my last shoot with January Seraph. And, frankly, now I'm hooked.

Yesterday, I shot both Satine and January and it was a long, wonderful day. Let me tell you about Satine. She's fucking smokin' hot, she's a porn star, and she's a real, genuine pervert. My favorite kind.

I brought along a bunch of fun stuff for her to look through and she was immediately drawn to the zentai suits. She'd never heard of zentai or encasement fetish, but she loves small spaces, tight compression, and full enclosure. Satine and encasement were made for each other. I swear to you, she was freaking out when she put on the full coverage nude colored spandex catsuit. Seriously. She was moaning and writhing and we hadn't even started shooting yet. Yep, I'm taking credit for turning her out. Next time you see Satine in zentai, you can thank me for it. =)

Satine told me that she's been trying to explore colors more, that most of her photos were in black clothing. We really had to work hard at showing some restraint, she was in danger of turning into a giant rainbow. LOL In my bags of goodies, I had these pantyhose that I'd bought several years ago but never shot. I think I was saving them for someone special. I'm in love with them, though. Crazy European striped tights look so delicious on Satine's long legs. I'm glad I waited. =)

I'd also brought some of my sexiest boots along. They were still in my car because I'd taken them to my shoot with Scar and Rubberdoll. Lucky for me, Satine wears the same size. I dressed her in another zentai suit, a tight red corset, and those gorgeous 6 1/2" stiletto boots and then watched her hobble up to the roof of her building. She looked so amazing up there in that industrial setting with the skyscrapers peeking through the overcast sky. She took a roll of red bondage tape with her that she used to tightly wrap up her mouth and eyes. Next thing you know, the zipper comes down and her gloved fingers start probing her pussy, as she masturbated to climax. It was amazingly hot. Really, really hot. I'm honored to have been there for that.

January lives down the hall and she was kind enough to join us for the end of the day. First, I photographed January in one of Exquisite Restraint's stunning corsets. Then, we took Satine for her first ride in a VacBed. (Turning her out part two!!) Days don't get much better than this, I assure you!!

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Maybe sooo tired... 
It's been a wild weekend, lemme tell ya. LOL

I'll be posting about it in detail in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I wanted to post samples from today's shoot with Rubberdoll and Scar13. Latex and more latex, and fine-ass foxy ladies to wear it for me. Yaaaay!

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Stoya and the Bear 

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Update - 12 February, 2008 

Tiny Waist with Berlin - In the Corset Gallery

Big Chair with Emily Marilyn - In the Legs Gallery

Latex, Head to Toes 2 with Xanthia - In the Latex Gallery

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Latex Cribs 
You already know that Rubber 55 makes my favorite latex hoods (among other things...). Well, Darenzia sent me a link to this hilarious video that they made. It's a spoof on MTV Cribs, with a rubber twist! I think it's fucking spectacular!!

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Update - 05 February, 2008 

Loft Livin' with Apnea - In the Encasement Gallery

Girdle Girl with Darenzia - In the Legs Gallery

Mirror, Mirror 2 with Stoya - In the Corsets Gallery

Rubber, Head to Toes 1 with Xanthia - In the Latex Gallery

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Yesterday, Darenzia and I shot at a fabulous mansion in Malibu. Makeup artist extraordinaire, Alex LaMarsh met us at my house just after 7am and we drove through the city to Pacific Coast Highway. We had the ocean on our left for the next 30 or so miles before arriving at the estate overlooking the Pacific. Alex transformed Darenzia into a different woman for each of three setups...

In the first, she's a sleek rich bitch in Dolce and Gabbana, Louboutins, and a floor-length mink. In the second, she wears latex by Black Lickorish and huge red hair, and in the final photo, she's wearing a corset by Exquisite Restraint.

Someone needs to buy me a palace on the beach. I could get used to shooting in such lush surroundings. =)

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Darenzia and ZoŽ Britton 
Earlier this week, I had the awesome pleasure of shooting Darenzia and ZoŽ Britton at Winky Waco (our pal, Octavio's compound). I hadn't shot ZoŽ for a couple years and the last time was for Danni's Hard Drive. I'm so excited to have her on my own site because she's fucking hot.

We had way too much fun, two hot babes, an amazing makeup artist (Jennifer Corona), piles of latex and lingerie, so many sexy shoes, Octavio's antics... Genius. I think D and ZoŽ met at this year's AVN in Vegas. They met, hung out, partied, and developed a chemistry that's seriously palpable. I think they should get naked together all the damn time. Them together is so great, in fact, that we've already planned to do it again in a couple days. I can't fucking wait!!

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Update - 30 January, 2008 

At the Lodge with Darenzia - In the Legs Gallery

Darenzia is easily on of my favorite leg models. Her long, graceful legs are gorgeous and she's got a genuine love of hosiery and heels. In this gallery, she wears a beautiful dress over sheer lingerie and beautiful stockings, showing off her ballerina's body for my camera. I loved every minute of it. =)

Mirror, Mirror 1 with Stoya - In the Corset Gallery

I think it's pretty obvious that I get a real thrill out of dressing beautiful girls in fetish finery. It was a thrill to lace Stoya into a beautiful corset by Exquisite Restraint, tightening and cinching as her tiny waist grew even smaller. I had her placed before a wall of mirrors and let her go to town, staring at herself as she played with her nipples and pussy, and giving me two beauties to photograph instead of one. More about this shoot here!

Going Parking with Betka Schpitz - In the Latex Gallery

Last year, while Betka was in town, we spent a long day shooting with Gwen. At one point, while Gwen was resting, B dressed herself all in white rubber and we ran out to the parking lot to take photos. It was an unexpected bonus during an already terrificly rubber-filled day. More from the day here!

Latex Summer with Jewell Marceau - New Video

Is there a better way to celebrate the end of summer than to join Jewell Marceau in her pool? Even better if she's covered in latex. We had a blast shooting this video, floating and swaying in the water, watching her get wetter and wetter... More from this day here!

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