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Erotica Workshop 
It's been a super-stressful week. Lots of stuff going on and then my video card crapped out mid-work last night. Evan was awesome and came over tonight to fix my shit and I owe him!! It's such a relief to have good friends who are also geeks. LOL

Today, I got up at 7, got ready, then picked up Athena Fatale and headed over to Chez Helms for the Erotica Workshop. Michael Helms and Perry Gallagher are hosting a two-day intensive and I offered to help them out because I figured this way I get to attend their workshop for free. LOL It was a good day overall, with a good mix of attendees. Everyone was really eager, not at all creepy, and I think they got some great shots. It doesn't hurt that they were able to shoot with some amazing models. (Models this weekend: Mosh, Anyssa, Athena, Scar, Natalie Addams, and Courtney Cruz)

Extra special bonus was hanging out with people I really like. I'm feeling lucky. =)

I really should be asleep already. I'll be up again at 7 so I can get there bright and early. Ramona promised me breakfast.

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Group Show - Darkness into Light  
Time and Place:
Saturday, February 7, 2009 at 7:00pm
Through:Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rivet Gallery
1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH

Rivet would like to formally announce our very first exhibition of photographic works, Darkness Into Light. Focused on underground photography, this group exhibition will feature selected pieces from a handful of internationally renowned photographic artists: John Santerineross, Wayne Martin Belger, Chas Ray Krider, Robyn Von Swank, Jeffery Scott (1019), Christine Kessler, Silent-View, and Gayla Partridge (666 Photography).

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Stoya's the best!! 
Congrats to Stoya who won the Best New Starlet award at this year's AVN Adult Movie Awards. She's soooo one of my favorite people on earth, and I'm really happy for her. She's made quite a big impression in the one year she's been doing adult films. Plus, I'm really into the fact that she's not some fake tanned, fake boobed, bottle blonde airhead.

Gooooo Stoya!!

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Erotic Photography Workshop 

My extremely talented friend, Michael Helms and Perry Gallagher, are conducting an erotic photography workshop January 31 and February 1, 2009. This two-day intensive should prove to be very informative and I've managed to sneak my way into the event by offering to help out. The models attending will include Mosh, Scar, Kayla Jane Danger, Courtney Cruz, Mariya, and Natalie Addams. This is gonna rule! Topics include lighting, posing (communicating with the model), location and equipment in shooting Erotic Art and Fine Art Nudes.

Spaces are filling up fast, so make sure you register right away!!

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Bootcamp lives on 
I just found an article written for the San Francisco Guardian about Zivity Bootcamp. I spoke with the writer during one of the break-outs and even got quoted. =)

You can read the article here!

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What a relief!! 
It's a landslide.

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My part for regime change 
Down with the current regime! Down with religious zealots!

I did my part! Go out and make a difference!

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Long Beach or Bust! 
It's become a ritual.
Every October.
David Sedaris.


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Bootcamp or Bust! 

I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow for the second time this month. This time, it's work-related, though. Zivity Bootcamp is on Saturday but I'm getting in a day early to settle in and meet everyone. I already know some of the Zivity team, one of the models (Mosh) and both the photographers (AddictedImage and Lithium Picnic). It's gonna be great!

I'm looking forward to the actual bootcamp as well. I'm teaching the portion on studio lighting. I hope I don't let anyone down. =)

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