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I've been wearing many different hats lately. Shooting and editing have been on the back burner (well, still editing but not as much) as I concentrate on two website design projects. I've also just sent off another book cover for Cleis Press (and two more, hopefully, in the works), and have been contacted about a couple writing gigs. I'm excited and nervous and looking forward to doing the work.

I've got a shoot booked Friday with Courtney Crave and Athena Fatale at Stockroom. Saturday, I've been hired to cook a romantic dinner for two of my friends (did you know I'm a bit of a gourmet?), and there are a bunch of fetish events this weekend. I'm trying my best to make it out Saturday to see the Black Lickorish fashion show. Gotta support!

So, it's busy busy busy up in here. =)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all too! Hope yours is extra slippery.

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Today is good 
I got up stupid early again today. 7:30am for no good reason. That means I started working early too, though, and that's good. I'm perpetually behind so any extra work time really helps out.

Today, I've been working on Angela Ryan's website redesign, and rendering old videos. I also am excited about a book I just ordered. I don't know where I've been, but I just found out about Namio Harukawa. I'm blown away. He specializes in drawings of big, curvy women, mostly face-sitting and smothering. The illustrations are beautifully done and the kinkiest parts are sometimes surprisingly subtle. I love them!

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Things to do 
I spent yesterday and today putting together photos for my publisher. He's been wanting to do a new book and I've been dragging my heels for a couple reasons. 1) I knew it would take a while to sift through everything and 2) I'm always thinking that my best photograph has yet to be taken. Well, I'm relieved that I finally made the time. I've got nearly 1100 photos zipped up and on their way to him in Germany. He wants to get to work on it right away for a fall release. I'm really excited!!

In other news...

My pal Conan (Addicted Image) is selling a single edition print of the stunning Micaela to help raise money for her upcoming move. It's on eBay now, so go and buy the thing. I wouldn't mind gazing at that photo every day for the rest of my life!!

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I am not ashamed to say that I am an honorary gay. Always have been. It goes way beyond fag-hagness. I am a gay man except I don't have a penis. Oh, and I like to eat pussy. But that's besides the point.

Most of my best friends have always been gay men. I just get them. They get me. It works. We have a lot of in jokes, just like any group of friends. We also share a love of certain culturally important artistic expressions. It's these similarities that solidify our friendships and allow us to have entire conversations of one-liners. You know how it is.

Well, one of our best-loved films, and I'm speaking now of my personal gays and I, is a documentary called Paris is Burning. It's about the underground Vogueing culture in NY in the late 1980s (the film was released in 1990). It's spectacular. It's camp, funny, touching, and important all at once. Don't know what I'm referring to? Well, this is where Madonna STOLE vogueing from. (Has that woman ever had an original idea?)

In the documentary, they follow several colorful characters through their regular lives, their loves, their homes, their histories, and, finally, to the Balls. I would venture to guess that the reason this film is soooo entrenched in the gay culture is because it is so fucking quotable. Line after line. You become Venus, Octavia... You live it.

Well, I was fucking around on Facebook earlier and noticed there was a PIB fan page. Of course, I joined, but I also sent invites to a few of my choice gays. One of them, Milkboy (whom I've written about before) sent me a video response.

It took me the better part of an hour to try to figure out how to get the fucking thing off Facebook so I could post it here, but I've been industrious!

So, here is Milk, doing a drop-dead impersonation of Venus Xtravaganza in her finest moment. He soooo made my day with this!

Here's the original from the movie.

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Who'd buy? 
As I'm passing time waiting for the render to finish, I took a moment to check out the American Apparel website and I'm just blown away, again, by the completely unappealing catalog photos. I mean, they're beyond unappealing, they're downright unflattering. Shouldn't their ads be flattering? Shouldn't they make customers think, "Why, look how good that garment looks! I shall have to buy one for myself!"

Who the fuck is going to add these to their cart based on the photos...


And, finally, the video has rendered. Here are some stills from it.

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Well, technically, yesterday, since it's after midnight....

I got up too early again. Don't know what's up with my internal clock, but it's off kilter. I've been going to bed as early as 10pm and getting up before 8. That's so not right.

Today, when I awoke, I took a seat at the computer and started to capture video tapes. Each tape is an hour long, and I must have done 8 or 9 of them. My pile of tapes had started to get pretty tall, so I knew it was time. Now I've got to make time to edit all of them!

I got a start tonight with a hot spanking video. When Darenzia, Angela Ryan, and I were shooting out in the desert, we ended the day by making Angela's ass super-red. D loves to spank and Angela was there on her knees, so... LOL

I'm waiting for it to finish rendering so I can grab a couple of stills to post here.



My man and I also went over to Sonny Black's studio to visit and drop some metal off for powder coating. It's pretty rad to loiter in his workshop and see all the fun dungeon furniture he's building. He's a prince!

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What the Folk 
Even better! Season 2 Premiere episode action... Murray's rug is epic.

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Born to Folk 

Please don't let this be another disaster like Little Britain USA.

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Bless them 
Ok, here's something you may not know about me. I am a total sucker for Japanese products. I cannot resist buying cute, useless crap. Let me clarify that last statement to say that I have absolutely no urge to purchase Hello Kitty stuff or anything like that. What I yearn for is office supplies, kitchen products, and above all, Engrish.

The Japanese really have a talent for creating MUST HAVE products you never knew you must have. It's like some crazy consumer Jedi mind trick. I am rendered utterly helpless whenever I'm confronted by them. Around holiday time, I like to share the wealth and this year went according to schedule. Some of those near and dear to me ended up with Xmas gifts made up of the craptastic wonderment I scored at a few of my favorite Japanese shops.

While I was at one of them, I was cruising the kitchenware section and came across some cute plastic molds. One was in the shape of a car, and one a fish. I assumed that they were rice molds, maybe for fancy onigiri, and I dropped them into my basket. A cursory glance revealed a photo of some molded white food on a bed of lettuce, and the instructions on the back were in kanji, so I figured they'd end up unused in some drawer along with the odd crab-shaped hot dog mold I bought forever ago. (You don't blame me, right? You wouldn't have resisted either.)

Well, when I got home, I was admiring my purchase and noticed that the drawing accompanying the instructions showed a decidedly egg-shaped item being placed in the mold. I quickly flipped the package around and scrutinized the serving suggestion on the front and confirmed that what I'd bought were, in fact, egg molds!!

I searched online for the romanji spelling printed on the plastic, "Yudetama gokko" and found what I wanted. Directions translated into English: Boil your egg, peel it, place it (still hot) in the mold, submerge the mold for 10 minutes in cold water. Voila!!

Hard boiled eggs at their sexiest. Feast your eyes on these bad boys!


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Happy New Year! 
Hey everyone! Wishing you a very happy New Year. Hope 2009 is wonderful!


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