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MyFetishDiary.com member update 
This video (and the matching gallery) were shot in Steve Diet Goedde's kitchen. Aradia wears a custom corset by Exquisite Restraint, sheer white polka-dotted knee-highs, and towering black heels. This video's as much about her corset as it is about her petite little feet.

It's 640x480 and for members only!

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For the love of Ryan 
I love Ryan Keely like no other. Seriously, she's fucking magical. We have waaaay too good a time shooting because she's hot, funny, and so eager to try anything and everything. Her attitude makes it really fun for me to prep for our shoots, making me all excited about bringing her fun new toys to try. This time, I wanted to start out with stockings and knee-highs, something softer than we'd done before. Our third set was transparent latex by HMS Latex out of Paris, and my favorite favorite latex toe socks from Blackstyle in Germany. I saved her big surprise lesson for the last set of the evening. In this double-whammy, Ryan learned all about encasement fetish (she was so into it that I gave her the leopard pantyhose to keep for her very own) and the joys of violet wands.

Here's what sets photoshoots with Ryan apart from most others: In our "soft" sets, she fucked herself with a black and white dildo that she supported on her stocking-clad feet, she stuffed her panties into her mouth while finger-fucking herself, then jammed the panties up inside her pussy too. And, just to keep things balanced, she also fucked herself with one of my violet wand electrodes. While it was on, of course.

I heart that freaky girl.

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MyFetishDiary.com member update 
Mosh and I shot these photos while running around my hotel in San Francisco, hoping not to get caught. We were in the elevator riding from floor to floor, the dress would get pulled up (no panties, thank you very much) or her boobs would make an appearance, then the elevator would slow and her bits would get hidden before the doors opened on the next floor. This kind of behavior is usually frowned upon, so we did our best to look like every other elevator rider wearing latex and 6" heels accompanied by a photographer. Make that, two photographers because Lithium Picnic was with us shooting video. Frantic fun, rubber and Mosh's boobs = good times. =) This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are 3x this size on the website!

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This is the final bonus image for now. Mz Berlin burried herself in her pink fishnet dress. She really got into the cocooning. This is one of many photos of her doing that. The rest, of course, will be members only. =)

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I thought you might be interested in this behind the scenes photo of Mz Berlin lacing up her ballet boots. I never remember to post these images, but I'm trying to be better about it. =)

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MyFetishDiary.com member update 
I have a confession to make. I loathe catwoman costumes. Yeah, good ones include a latex catsuit, but they're so cliche and at this point, I'm really tired of seeing them. So, when Hollywood Geisha pulled hers out when we were shooting, I plastered a smile on my face but was groaning on the inside. Until I saw her in it. Geisha's got something special. So special that she can even make the cliche new again. This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are 3x this size on the website!

For all of my hot latex photos and videos, visit MyFetishDiary.com!

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Our Host 
Clearly, our host was fabulous, if incognito. D and I had already begun shooting her modeling this shiny gold dress, when next thing we know, he came down the stairs wearing this ouchfit. It was hysterical.

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MyFetishDiary.com member update 
Today's update is part 2 only!

Ever been tag-teamed by two hot rubber mistresses? Well, next time you run into Anastasia Pierce, you can ask her what it's like! Mistresses Jean Bardot (wearing a black inflatable torpedo tit catsuit, black and transparent latex hood and wild inflatable latex skirt) and Athena Fatale (wearing a tight fitting shiny black catsuit, corset, and medical latex mask) have abducted Anastasia and put her into a bizarre rubber VacBed cube. When they turn on the vacuum, the latex is sucked in all around Ana and she's completely immobilized and surrounded by latex (only her head sticks out).

In part 1, the Dommes tease and fondle their captive and force her to suck on Mistress Jean's big black strap-on.

In part 2, Ana's latex ponytail hood has been replaced by a black gasmask. Her cruel Mistresses take a crop to her ass, stimulate her with a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator, flip her over so she's suspended upside down in her rubber cocoon, and throw in some breath play for good measure.

It's 720x480 and for members only!

For all of my hot latex bdsm photos and videos, visit MyFetishDiary.com!

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Sponge Bob 
I've decided to post some of the funnier photos.

Like this:

Way to go, Bob. LOL

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D-Rock Shootfest 
I had this brilliant idea. When Darenzia arrived last week, I told her that I wanted to shoot her at dawn on one of her days here. So, we went about our business, scheduling, shooting... We decided the best idea was to stay up all night because there's no way we'd get to bed early and THEN get up before dawn. Luckily, Michael Hussar's a known night owl and he agreed to let us shoot at his house. Let me just mention here that a HUGE bonus of commandeering his house is that his gorgeous paintings appear in my photos. (I am so fortunate!)

D had an early morning shoot yesterday, arrived back at my place in the afternoon. We did our best to rest up before Jennifer Corona arrived to beat D's face to perfection. Makeup wasn't done til midnight, so this shoot officially started later than any other in my history.

Bob and Evan (not to be confused with Bob Evans) accompanied us over to Chez Hussar and after a minimum of chit chat, Darenzia and I got to work. We shot 3 sets at Michael's before trucking over to the dawn location where Evan held onto D's coat and Bob played lookout. We shot on a bridge spanning over a busy freeway and I was really worried that a hot girl in transparent rubber would cause an accident below.

Poor D. I was really feeling for her. It was fucking COLD out there and she was wearing latex. She's the most professional, balls-to-the-wall model out there. Barely a single complaint escapes her lips as she braves arctic chills for the sake of soft core fetish porno. Ummm... I mean "for art".

Actually, what REALLY made me feel bad for her was the fact that it was overcast and foggy this morning. That meant, she suffered the frigid chill for nothing. No fancy sunrise colors or anything. We could have, in theory, done that shoot at any time.

I have to say that I'm impressed by the results of our efforts. Delirious, sleep deprived, pushing ourselves to the limit, the photos we shot are really beautiful. My favorites are her in the leopard. (I'd been eyeing that ensemble since she arrived.) I had a really hard time choosing just two for the samples.

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