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Dungeon Furniture 
A couple weeks ago, I received a package of latex in the mail from Latex Nemesis. I had planned to shoot Apnea in it, but her trip was canceled, so I booked Pia instead. I'm so glad she was available. I love hanging out with her and photographing her, and it's been a long time since we've done either.

I scheduled the shoot at Sonny Black's space. If you haven't had the good fortune to ogle his stuff in person, be sure to check out his website. If you're in the market for dungeon furniture, his can't be beat!

There are a few more sets we shot, but I've only had time to get Sonny's photos edited. Hopefully I'll remember to post samples of the rest tomorrow. LOL No guarantees, though! I've got so much work to do these days that I'm in a bit over my head. But, what else is new?

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Found another great video. This one taken at FetishCon and featuring Emily Marilyn, Natalie Minx, Darenzia, Ruby Luster, Eden Wells, Kip, and more!

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Dark Passions 
I'm on my way out to a shoot, but I wanted to post this video I found of my beautiful friend, Emily Marilyn.

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Rubberdoll World Rendezvous 
This weekend is the first Rubberdoll World Rendezvous. I had hoped to attend, but time just wouldn't allow. It's hosted by Jean Bardot and run by my friend, Steffy. Should be fun. Hope to make it next year!

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Be still, ny beating heart 
OMG, it just keeps getting better...

I swear... Holy shit.

These and more shoes by Louboutin and images by David Lynch here.

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Holy Louboutins! 
Ummm... Fuck. Wow.
Read about them here.

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More pics from Essen 
Just got some more photos from Fetish Evolution. These are by Martin Perrault. Check out all the event pics on his site.

Thanks, Martin!!

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Rubber Sisters 
Finally finished unpacking and digging out my cables so I could dump the photos onto my hard drive. I've been really eager to look through them on a big screen. Meet the Rubber Sisters. I heart them, btw. We had such a good time getting to know them, and I hope to take them up on their offer of a visit to their place sometime soon. And, when they come to LA, I'll be all over them. =)

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Found some event pics from Fetish Evolution. =) And had some e-mail exchanges with the promoter with positive results. Thanks for having my back, y'all.

Left to right: Ruby Luster, Emily Marilyn, Bob, Francois, Kip

Left to right: Bob, Me, Jean Bardot, Liam, Anastasia Pierce

Me + Bob


The last three photos were by Eros Artist. Click here to go to the site and see all of the event pics. =)

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Disappearing act... 
Thanks to all of you who messaged me about my disappearance. Very sweet of you to care. =)

As you may know, I was out of the country on a trip to Germany for Fetish Evolution. I just got back a couple nights ago and have been juggling wicked jet lag with a whole shitload of work, so I haven't been on here... Sorry!!

Germany was both good and not so good. We arrived a couple days before the event and ran into Kumi at the airport. Our ride was supposed to pick us up at 6:30pm but didn't get there til two hours later. We got to the hotel and checked in, changed, unpacked, and joined Kumi at the bar.

Bob and I crawled back to our room and passed out but were up again at 4am with jet lag in full effect. We relaxed for a bit then heard some noises which turned out to be Anastasia Pierce trying to sneak a stalker note under the door.

Isn't she the best? LOL Turns out Jean Bardot was next door to us and Anastasia was down the hall. We all went down to breakfast in time to see Darenzia and Ruby Luster arrive. Ruby's suitcase had been lost and didn't show up for another day and she was in quite a state over it. Once they had gotten settled, we all walked to the local grocery store to stock up. See, the wise folks in charge planned the event on a big holiday weekend which meant that the already sleepy town would be completely shut down Friday for Good Friday, most of Saturday, all of Sunday, and all of Monday for Easter. We did our best to stock our tiny hotel fridges with food and drink for the coming days as our only other choice was to eat in the hotel restaurant and bar.

After shopping and a nap half of us piled into Belgium Marc's car and the other half into a cab for the long drive to La Piazza shoes. Darenzia and Ruby bought some incredibly sexy heels while Anastasia and I and the boys watched them try everything on. La Piazza has some of my favorite high heels and it was a real treat to get to fondle them in person. ;)

After that, Marc, Bob, Nicholas and I drove over to Marquis which was about 20 minutes away. We spent some time chatting with Peter Czernich before doing a little bit of latex shopping in their store. BTW, the Marquis shop is really terrific, probably the largest selection of latex I've ever seen in one shop. (I want it all!!!)

Later that evening, we all met back up in the bar and the marathon of drunkening commenced. Heh... I don't drink alcohol, so I just watched the show. Let me tell you, this is one fun bunch of people and we probably had a better time in that little bar than we did elsewhere...

The actual Fetish Evolution events began with a meet and greet party in the hotel. Everyone we'd been hanging out with changed into latex and reconvened. That's kind of how the whole weekend went, actually. We'd hang out during the day in our civvies, then change and hang out in latex. Kind of silly if you think about it. There was an after party that I skipped... I had a shoot scheduled the following morning with the Rubber Sisters. I love them and actually dragged my gear all the way to Germany just for that one shoot. =) Samples soon.

The Expo took place on Saturday and Sunday in the hotel. In addition to the shopping (not as good as the Skin Two Expo since it was much smaller) they had scheduled a gallery exhibit and I was asked to display my photos. That's actually one of the main reasons I chose to attend the event. Well, after shipping my photos to Germany and being assured that they would take care of the framing, you can bet your ass that I was LIVID when my images were not displayed. I didn't get a straight answer until the Expo was almost over when I was told that they didn't get frames. Not even an apology. I basically spent a fuckton of money for absolutely nothing. (Can you tell that I am still upset?)

Later that night was the pre-party party. We had to take a shuttle to the location 30-40 minutes away (sitting the whole time in a corset, no less...). The event was ok. Jean and Anastasia did a couple performances and I spent some time with the Rubber Sisters, Tony Mitchell, and Kip. At about 2:30 we'd had enough. The first shuttle was scheduled to arrive then to start ferrying people back to the hotel. We lined up at the front door (in latex with no jackets) and waited, and waited, and waited. It was snowing and every time the door opened we moved closer to hypothermia. The shuttles were supposed to run every 1/2 hour and though we waited over an hour, none showed up. We finally managed to get a ride with someone though Darenzia had to lay across our laps in the back seat.

The party moved back into the hotel bar where we wreaked havoc until 6am when breakfast was served, then back to bed. It was like that every night, actually.

The next night there was a fetish dinner type thing. We went but chose not to pay 75 Euros for the meal so we hung out in the venue's bar for a bit then grew incredibly bored and went back to the hotel and to sleep. When the rest of the crew returned from the dinner, they came and woke us up and we grudgingly followed them to the bar. I'm actually happy for that because we had so much fun til, yep, 6am and breakfast.

The final, main event was pretty cool, though. The venue was impressive and not as long of a drive. Though I think that having it on a Monday night was a bad idea. I'm sure it would have been much busier on a Saturday.

I'm missing details, I'm sure. And some debauchery you just can't know about. LOL But, overall, I give the event a score of 5 or maybe 6/10. There were too many parties, we'd have been happy with just the main one and the Expo. They fucked me over with the exhibition. The planning was god-awful (no one knew when or where anything was happening, not even the people in charge). Having it on a holiday weekend meant we were trapped in the hotel with nothing to do all day long. I doubt I'd make the trek again.

So, yeah... I'm ungrateful and jaded. So sue me.

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