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SF of Bust 
Just booked two shows in San Francisco later this year. I'm hoping to have my new book by then so I can do a signing too. Will update you with details once I sign the contracts. Yay! Another excuse to head up the coast!

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Stoya in Bizarre 
In other news... And this is BIG news!

As noted in a previous entry, I've been asked to pen the monthly fetish article in Bizarre Magazine. Well, last week's mail included a copy of issue #150 which includes my first feature. Super sexy Stoya encased in blue pantyhose, and a 600 word article about encasement. I'm proud and excited and can't wait to get the next one in the mail!!

Hopefully, it's still on the stands in the States. Not sure, though, because the Bizarre site shows a new cover. Stoya's in the issue with Masuimi on the cover.

If you've found my site from reading Bizarre, please comment! I love hearing from my readers. And, if you've come looking for the bonuses promised, bookmark this page, or click on the Bizarre logo at right.

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The Dirtiest Bits 
Sometimes, I meet people who read this blog and we get to talking. I'm shocked to hear that they think I only shoot fashion stuff, sticking to just tame photos. Though that's sometimes the case (shoots only go as far as the model is willing to go), it's certainly not the norm. Yeah, if you're cruising around my blog, or looking at my photos on Flickr, Deviant Art, Zivity, or other sites, you won't usually see full nudes, vaginas, sex, etc., but that's because I save the sexiest photos for my members.

My members deserve it!

So, if you want to see photos or videos of Mz Berlin getting fucked or Jade Vixen unzipping the crotch of her catsuit, Darenzia opening her legs seductively, January Seraph on the receiving end of an electrified Samurai dildo, you'll just have to join. =)

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Same old tune 
How many posts will I make that start with me saying how much I suck, that I've been swamped, that I should post more? Well, I'm no fortune teller, but here's another one. =)

I mentioned before that I've been taking a hiatus from shooting lately because I have so much other work that I've neglected. The moratorium continues, but I've managed to do a couple shoots despite that.

One the 30th, Mz Berlin invited me to shoot stills on her first b/g porno (well, the first one that's her production). It was supposed to be more of a straight sex kind of movie, but knowing Mz, I was not surprised in the least that it contained some very hot fetish elements. Her co-star, Mark Davis, totally turned her out. I can't wait to see the finished product because this was a seriously hot movie. Let's see... Stockings. High heels. Breath play. Face slapping. Smoking. Cocksucking. Fucking. Fingerbanging. Squirting. You get the idea. I'm actually not a fan of b/g porn, it's so fake and lame usually. Not this time. Mz Berlin totally commits, she's completely lost in the scene and her orgasms attest to it.

Yesterday, I met Jade Vixen at her swanky Hollywood hotel and spent the day shooting her in rubber. How many latex pervs can you cram into a hotel room? LOL I'm happy to say that more is merrier as she posed with two very kinky partners, all dolled up in rubber. I was bouncing off the walls with happiness. =)

Here's a shot from each shoot, with more to come over the next week. Enjoy!

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Desert Takedown 9 (Final photo) 
From Mz Berlin's desert takedown, shot in the high desert on 8th May, 2009. This is the final sample image. the full sets, plus video will be added to the members section of MyFetishDiary.com soon!

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Desert Takedown 8 
From Mz Berlin's desert takedown, shot in the high desert on 8th May, 2009.

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Desert Takedown 7 
From Mz Berlin's desert takedown, shot in the high desert on 8th May, 2009.

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Desert Takedown 6 
From Mz Berlin's desert takedown, shot in the high desert on 8th May, 2009.

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Desert Takedown 5 
From Mz Berlin's desert takedown, shot in the high desert on 8th May, 2009.

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Desert Takedown 4 
From Mz Berlin's desert takedown, shot in the high desert on 8th May, 2009.

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