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My fabulously talented pal, Rob Roberge, has just published the first in a series of columns on electrical play. You can read it here! And... If you're in the mood for some fab fiction, grab a copy of his super book More Than They Could Chew. I really enjoyed it (and the smidge of S/M he threw in there, the naughty boy..)


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Got the models pimpin' 
After long last, Shelby and I finally got out shit together and shot. Not only did we manage to execute a long overdue photo shoot, but she was kind enough to pimp for me! LOL

Shelby works for Syren and a week or two ago, a couple of young beauties came into the store. Shelby was in the midst of coordinating the Syren fashion show for the Bondage Ball and she was so taken by the girls that she asked them to model for her. They did a great job, especially for non-models, so much so that Shelby invited them to come shoot with us too. Only one was able to make it, Amber, but I'm awfully glad she did. This was her first photo shoot, but I'm certain it won't be her last. She's a sassy one.

So, big thanks to Shelby for pimpin', for letting me shoot at the shop, and for taking all her clothes off. What a pal!

Let me just take a moment here to say how much I LOVE the bunny hood. Betka and I feel head over heels for it at IML. It's a Stockroom original. There's something perfectly perverted about a white leather bunny hood with pink ears.

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Update 11 July 

"Orange and Latex 2" in the Latex Gallery
In part 2 of this gallery, Lorraine has removed the ginormous rubber posture collar allowing herself a greater range of motion. What's that mean? She gets to play with herself, folks, and it's hotter than you can imagine. Plus, I think we captured the most amazing shots of her ass protruding from the large cutout at the back of the dress.

"$$$" In the Legs Gallery
For the update, I've titled this gallery "$$$", but the original blog post was called "Darenzia's Big Wad". One of the great things about D-Rock as a model is her versatility. This is probably the classiest set of photos we've done together, even if she IS flashing a giant handful of cash and making like a high-priced hooker. =)

"Sealed in at the Eagle" In the Events Gallery
The third part of this week's updates consists of images I shot at The Eagle in March. I took the new VacBox down there and helped a bunch of perverts try it out. As always, the VacBed stuff was a huge hit with a tremendous line of people waiting to take it for a spin. I love the rubber freaks at the Eagle cuz they're not shy in the least. They get in and let whomever's walking by go for a grope.

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Update 4 July 

I love these photos of Lorraine so much that I made one of them the main photo for the front page of my site. Now, that's saying something. The latex dress and posture collar are by Marquis and were used in one of her adult movies. I'm awfully glad she held onto them because they are unbelievably gorgeous. As is she. Read more about the shoot here.

This gallery is from my first shoot with Ruby Luster. We really hit it off and I know we'll be working together again. I wrote about the shoot here. I know you'll all love this set of photos because 1) Ruby looks amazing, 2) She's wearing La Piazza shoes (I am green with envy!), 3) Besides the shoes, she's only wearing a corset. A super sexy one, but that's it. Yummy!

Betka suggested that I shoot her with Gwen. The first time we tried, we had to cancel (when B comes to town, sometimes we have too much fun together and the priorities change.) The second time, we actually managed to get our shit together and take some dirty pictures. I posted about the shoot here.

In the middle of shooting latex, Gwen got dressed in a shiny silver zentai suit and we went out to the parking garage to shoot it. Actually, I saw this area when I first pulled in and there was something about it that inspired me. I don't know what it was because we've all passed by a million handicapped parking spaces before, but there you go. =)

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Fetish Exhibit TONIGHT!! 
Another late notice, I know. (Man I suck at this!)

Tonight at the Bondage Ball in LA.


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I created a new little shop.
Check it out!

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Wiki for Rubber Pervs 
The awesome people behind 3XL have had the good sense to start a Wiki for rubberists. Check out the LatexWiki to learn more about all things rubber. As with all Wikis, you can add and edit entries, and now's the time to do it. With the service still in its infancy, there is a lot of room for growth. Why not help the perv community by sharing your knowledge?


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Fetish At Night - after 
So, last night was interesting. The show was scheduled to air from 7 to 9pm, but we actually didn't get started til well after 8. But once the show got going, it was a lot of fun. Sinnamon and Orpheus have great chemistry and the show was very light-hearted. Sin shared porn stories, including her first DP scene in about 7 years, which she'd shot earlier in the day) and we played around and plugged my book and stuff. I think it went really well so maybe I'll be back sometime.

Fetish At Night has only been airing for a couple months so I think they're still working out the kinks. Should be fun to watch, though, and I'm going to make an effort to do that in the future.

You all should check it out!

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Fetish At Night 
I'm appearing on the show Fetish At Night tonight at 7pm. Short notice,I know. Sorry. Sinnamon is the co-host of the show and she invited me to come by and talk about voyeurism. We'll see how it goes!

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Pia and Angela 
I've been doing my darndest to get caught up on editing, and that means I've finally had a chance to finish the photos I shot of Pia and Angela back in January.

Which reminds me... I just got an email from Angela saying she's getting a boob job in August! Woah! I had no idea. So, I guess this means that these are gonna be the last little boob photos I'll have taken of her. I'm sure she'll look great with the new ones, but I'll always have a soft spot for the naturals.

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