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Flattery will get you....  
I don't get nearly the barrage of hook-up messages on Facebook that models do, but every once in a while, there's a gem.


you good
i need you
ican speak with you
i without study without work and without girlfriend since in 2002 put yourself ina situation
im crousher
i want inscription in study or find me contrat work or find me marrird ... i give you 20000 dollars .....please i need you
i give you money and my life
i remember you forever
please help me


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But, it's a dry heat 
Yesterday's awesome shoot-out in the desert was great, yet sweltering and exhausting. Picked up Darenzia in the morning and drove out to meet up with Ryan Keely , Vance , Skin, and Mosh . DJ hosted us again at his wonderful location, and Sutan came along to make magic upon some faces.

The desert sun was brutal, and Skin nearly passed out on me while were were shooting out first set. Poor thing was in latex, trying to balance on super-high heels while her rubber socks filled up with sweat. helping her into the air-conditioned blast of my truck was almost as dangerous as leaving her out in the sun. Her feet kept sliding and she'd slip out of her shoes. I'm grateful that she didn't end up with sun stroke or a sprained ankle.

Darenzia wears latex by Atsuko Kudo .
Mosh and Skin are sporting some killer printed latex hods and thongs by Ego Assassin .
Skin's polka dot bikini and Ryan's sheer pink rubber outfits are by Black Lickorish Latex.

And, for the aye que super foot-fetish NSFW porno shot, you'll have to check after the cut. =) Just making sure you're paying attention.


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MyFetishDiary.com Member Update 
This is part 1.

Let's be clear about this. If you came to me and said, Christine, today you will shoot a model in chainmail, I'd tell you you were nuts. Having said that... It actually happened with Angelit. And the ONLY reason I shot her in chainmail was because it's not like icky ren faire chainmail. That's a lie. The other reason is because Angelit had me in her spell and I was likely to do anything she wanted. =)

In today's update, Angelit wears her own metal top and some sweet-ass criss-cross pantyhose that I foisted upon her. Win-win! Images from this gallery will be in my new book!

This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are up to 3x this size on the website!

For more beautiful women in sheer hosiery, visit MyFetishDiary.com!

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MyFetishDiary.com Member Update 
When up in Oregon for my birthday a couple years ago, Yasmin invited her friend, Sarah, along to play. We dressed her in Emily Marilyn's latex dress and Ruby Luster's high heels and then she went and took it all off. Talk about ungrateful!! LOL

This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are up to 3x this size on the website!

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Been working so hard lately, there hasn't been any time for me. Well, tonight I'm saying "eff you" to responsibility and am getting down to some serious play.

I've had a new hood and new shoes for months now, but this is the first chance I've had to take them for a test drive. I'm feeling pretty foxy. =)

I think that's my new favorite photo of me. Prepare to see it plastered everywhere! LOL

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Pinch me! 
I am in awe every time I see my images in print. It never gets old. =)

Just received the new issue of Bizarre Magazine in the mail, this one with my article about Defect Doll. With each new issue, I'm in for a bit of a surprise since I don't see the edited text beforehand. The funniest bit in this issue is their description of DD, which describes her as having "penetratable rubber mouths". Ha ha ha... Classy!

Last night, I wrapped up my next article which will be in the issue after next.

Here's the full line-up so far:

Issue 150 - Stoya
Issue 151 - Ryan Keely
Issue 152 - Defect Doll
Issue 153 - Xanthia
Issue 154 - Darenzia

If you have an idea for a fetish that should be featured, just let me know!

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Playboy Radio 
Darenzia and I will be guests on Playboy Radio's Night Calls, hosted by Christy Canyon and Nicki Hunter.

It broadcasts tomorrow, July 9th, from 4-7pm, PST on Sirius XM Channel 99. I believe we'll be on from 6-7pm. It's a call-in show, so if you guys want to join in, call 877.205.9796.

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MyFetishDiary.com Member Update 
This is part 2.

Looking back, I can't imagine a time before I knew Satine Phoenix. She is so sexy, so dirty, so talented, and damn... Those legs go on for miles! Did I mention her talent? I only hope that her burgeoning art career won't mean I can't keep shooting her. Because THAT would be a tragedy.

In this set, Satine wears these amazing pantyhose that I bought in Germany. I love the fun color block pattern, and the way she peels them off so seductively. Satine is a keeper! Images from this gallery will be appearing in my new book!

This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are up to 3x this size on the website!

For all of my hot pantyhose photos and videos, visit MyFetishDiary.com!

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MyFetishDiary.com Member Update 
Apparently, Porcelain had been bringing the most amazing thrift store find to all her shoots and no photographers asked her to wear it. Well, you couldn't have STOPPED me! In this gallery entitled "HAPPY FOURTH, BITCHES!", she wears an American Flag Budweiser bikini, high-cut, vintage 80s. I sent my assistant out to acquire a bucket of the Colonel's finest, and then just let her exude white trash. We had A LOT of fun. Let me tell you! Don't worry, though. We adjourn indoors where she can get naked too. LOL

This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole set are up to 3x this size on the website!

For all of my hot pantyhose photos and videos, visit MyFetishDiary.com!

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I've taken a little break from web design projects to edit some photos. I'm actually really happy because I finished out my shoot with Ryan Keely and Scar. It's always with a sense of accomplishment that I get to delete a day's folder from my hard drive.

Tomorrow, it's going to be the fourth, and I'm having friends over for a BBQ, but I'm going to have to make time to work as well. I'm trying to finish up Mz Berlin's paysite over the weekend.

In the meantime, here are images from the last few days of editing. Hope you like them! Now that they're done, they'll be moved into the update queue for my members.

For more hot photos of the most beautiful ladies, visit MyFetishDiary.com!

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