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Butter Wouldn't Melt 
I received another new Nexus (Virgin Books) cover in the mail. This one is called "Butter Wouldn't Melt" and the cover models are Betka Schpitz and Anastasia Pierce. The collection grows!

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Sweet, sweet ottoman. 
I have got some funny friends. They totally made my day.

This is a spoof of this unbelievable video on youtube.

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Update 08 August, 2007 

Bathed in Light with Hollywood Geisha - in the Latex Gallery

This is one of my favorite sets of photos, by far. Geisha and I hadn't shot in a while and she called to tempt me with shooting her in some of her new latex. The girl hardly needs to woo me, I'm already fully in her clutches.

I took her out of the studio into one of the public halls of the building. There was bright light streaming in through a transom window and my assistant, Ian, hauled himself up onto an extremely tall ladder to apply some colored gels over the glass. The result was beautiful, a stained glass effect. Though I'm stoked about the lighting, the real credit goes to Geisha for being such a hot babe in latex.

She had a stunning mohawk at the time and that, combined with her skin-tight rubber catsuit and 7" platform boots make her look like an anime heroine come to life.

Kaleidoscope (1) with Scar - in the Legs Gallery

I'm sure I'm repeating myself when I say that Scar has got the best boobs, the most scrumptious ass, and the best pussy you've ever seen. In this gallery her stellar physique is complimented by matching lingerie, heels, and a pair of amazing fishnet thigh-highs. In part 2 of the gallery (available next week), she finishes herself off with a vibrator. (She's dirty dirty dirty, and I love her!)

Cutting Class with Phelanie Angel - in the Smoking Gallery

This set has been languishing in my upcoming updates folder for years. I can't believe I haven't posted it before! It features Phelanie Angel as a tuff smoking schoolgirl, puffing away and stripping in the halls between class. Since Phelanie's retired from modeling, this gallery's kind of like a new Tupac album release. You won't find many new Phelanie Angel galleries these days, so enjoy!

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Update 01 August, 2007 

Denim and Diamonds with Mandy Murders - in the Corset Gallery
(Corset by Exquisite Restraint)

I'm updating with this gallery in honor of the new issue of Skin and Ink magazine (October, 2007). Why? One of my photos of Mandy from this set is gracing the current cover!

I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to tell Mandy the good news. LOL Boy, won't she be surprised! Read more about our shoot here.

Pantyhose for Summer with Darenzia and Pia - in the Legs Gallery
(Dresses by Pinup Girl)

This week's T&A gallery stars two of my best pals, Darenzia and Pia. We shot these pantyhose photos at our friend Venus' loft. More about the shoot was posted here.

Breathe For Me with Ms. Betka and slave kitten - in the Sessions Gallery

Whenever I visit Ms. Betka in Portland, I know I'll be in for some seriously kinky fun. Not all of it gets recorded for public consumption, but sometimes my hands aren't to lubed up and I'm able to operate my camera. These photos are from one such trip a few years ago. I'd planned ahead and packed a clear smoke-colored pvc rebreathing hood, knowing full well that dirtiness would ensue the moment I dangled it before Ms. B's beautiful blue eyes. I do believe that I heard a little squeak escape kitten's lips when she realised a new toy was on offer for their breath control games.

Betka and Kitten have a long-standing Mistress/slave relationship and kitten's breath is only one of the things that Ms. B controls. This intimate scene has kitten lying on her back on a bed. Betka zips the hood onto her slave's head and periodically restricts her breathing while twisting, pinching, and pulling at her nipples. I love that the hood is transparent so you can see kitten's facial expressions change with each new torment.

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New Virgins 
I received a couple packages in the mail today from Nexus (Virgin Books). Two new covers featuring my photography!

The Upskirt Exhibitionist by Ray Gordon

Longing for Toys by Virginia Crowley

I've been so happy to work with them, and I hear that the authors are pleased with the covers too. It's always a thrill to see my photos prominently displayed at bookstores, in airports, and on the bookshelves of perverts around the world. =)

If you'd like to purchase the books, you can click on the text links below the covers or visit my FETISH SHOP!!

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Update 25 July 

"Divine Shine" with Darenzia and Raja - in the Latex Gallery

This week's latex update consists of a gallery of photos shot in March wherein I bust Miss Raja's latex cherry. More often than not, Raja's role at my shoots is as makeup artist but every once in a while, it's as a model too. Syren provided me with a bunch of latex to shoot and I brought along some of my own collection as well. Darenzia wears Syren and Raja wears a Rubber 55 dress and hood and Simon O gloves and stockings in the gorgeous bathroom at my pal Kirk's house.

"Rebreathing Rubber" with Jean Bardot in the Sessions Gallery

In April, I shot again with Jean after many years. It was really far too long. She's such a latex perv and we get along so well that I don't know why we waited. This was one of my favorites of a day spent photographing her and Anastasia Pierce and Athena Fatale at Anastasia's house. In this gallery, Jean's wearing a red rubber catsuit and clear-faced hood and the gasmask and re-breather bottle I brought along. It was unbelievably hot watching her struggle to breathe through the liquid in the bottle. You can read more details about it here.

"Sneaky Sin" with Sinnamon Love - in the Legs Gallery

The final update is for all of you sneaker fetishists. I pulled these vintage Keds from my bag and handed them to Sinnamon . She paired them with these awesome white leg warmers and a sleeveless sweater top and then modeled her little heart out. LOL She ended up loving these photos so much that one of them has been used as her MySpace main photo ever since. Here's the blog entry about our shoot.

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I have a ridiculously enormous backlog of photos waiting to be edited. It's daunting. In fact, there's so much to go through that I actually forget about stuff more often than I'd care to admit. Take today, for instance. I was just going through some folders on one of my drives and ran across a set of images of Apnea and Bella from June of last year. I totally forgot about them. We shot about 8 sets that day and I'd already edited all of the other galleries, but missed this one for some reason. I hadn't even posted a sample from it when I got back from the shoot. Weird.

I cannot tell you how much I love this girl. Apnea and I have way too much fun together. Seeing her in this mustache reminds me of this old cartoon of a street sweeper. I've been trying to remember what show he was from, but I'm drawing a blank (no pun intended). Still... I have a spot in my heart forever reserved for Apnea for so many reasons.

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Update 18 July 
Over 200 new photos this week!

"Wabbit" in the Portraits Gallery

I was so excited about these photos of Shelby that I moved them to the front of the line for this week's update. That means they beat out a couple hundred other photo sets. Read more about this shoot here.

"Sheer and Shiny" in the Legs Gallery

Update number two is a sexy striptease gallery starring Ava London. These were shot a while back at my house. She's wearing a sheer black top and shiny PVC pants. She strips out of everything but her high heels and gets downright ho-ish. I heart her! I wrote a little blurb about this shoot here.

"Balcony Bound" in the Restraint Gallery

This gallery is a result of my collaboration with Mark from Serious Bondage. He brought all this rad gear down for me to shoot back in April. Read more about it here.

As for the update, it stars Sinnamon Love and Gwen and combines metal shackles, latex, hoods, boots, and a sheer body stocking. Sinnamon is Gwen's slave girl, cuffed to the balcony railing and told to stay still as Mistress relaxes with some magazines. But bad-girl Sin created quite a ruckus, much to Gwen's consternation. She's forced to attend to the petulant little sub, playing with her pussy until she's subdued.

"Bondage Ball" in the Events Gallery

I smuggled my camera into the Bondage Ball a couple weeks ago. I ran into Jewell Marceau, Masuimi, Hollywood Geisha, Gwen, and more friends. Here's the proof!

"Europa!" in the Events Gallery

Both of these Events sets are bonuses this week. Just cuz. =)
This one is populated with photos I snapped while in London last fall for Rubber Ball. It's all candids with pictures taken in train stations, in the back of cabs, and the extra-super-special images of Emily's ass after Midori beat the shit out of her at the Rubber Ball. And let me tell you, folks... I wish I'd had a video camera with me at the event because it was one of the hottest corporal scenes I've ever witnessed.

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My fabulously talented pal, Rob Roberge, has just published the first in a series of columns on electrical play. You can read it here! And... If you're in the mood for some fab fiction, grab a copy of his super book More Than They Could Chew. I really enjoyed it (and the smidge of S/M he threw in there, the naughty boy..)


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Got the models pimpin' 
After long last, Shelby and I finally got out shit together and shot. Not only did we manage to execute a long overdue photo shoot, but she was kind enough to pimp for me! LOL

Shelby works for Syren and a week or two ago, a couple of young beauties came into the store. Shelby was in the midst of coordinating the Syren fashion show for the Bondage Ball and she was so taken by the girls that she asked them to model for her. They did a great job, especially for non-models, so much so that Shelby invited them to come shoot with us too. Only one was able to make it, Amber, but I'm awfully glad she did. This was her first photo shoot, but I'm certain it won't be her last. She's a sassy one.

So, big thanks to Shelby for pimpin', for letting me shoot at the shop, and for taking all her clothes off. What a pal!

Let me just take a moment here to say how much I LOVE the bunny hood. Betka and I feel head over heels for it at IML. It's a Stockroom original. There's something perfectly perverted about a white leather bunny hood with pink ears.

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