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In the wilds 
So, here I am in Sandy, Oregon. It's positively spectacular up here. A million shades of green all around us. The trip, so far, has had its ups and downs. We've had fun and did a bunch of shooting yesterday. But before that, my camera died. We had to head back down into town to buy a new one. Not fun, and unexpected, but what else could I do? On top of that, not only is there no cel reception up here, but my phone won't even charge. LOL There's more, but I can't depress myself by dwelling on the fact that I've got some sort of magnetic field around me that's causing all electronics to fail. Ha ha.

Well, Ruby and Emily are getting dolled up as I type this, in preparation for some very concentrated shooting. The sun's finally come out after a day and a half of rain, so I'm looking forward to taking them and a bunch of latex outdoors.

In the meantime, here are two photos from yesterday. =)

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The storm before the storm 
Tomorrow (well, later today, actually) is going to be nuts, full of activity. I am going to Oregon on Sunday, early early early in the morning, with Emily Marilyn. She's picking me up in the darkness of too early to be going anywhere. I don't know when I'll sleep. We will be flying up to Portland, renting a car, and heading over to Yasmin Ling's house where we'll also be hooking up with Ruby Luster. Then the four of us will caravan to a secluded forest destination about an hour outside town.

We'll be there for four days of shooting, and a little bit of fun thrown in too, I'm sure. I'll be celebrating my birthday up there and if I know my friends, it's going to be a hell of a good time.

Yasmin has arranged for us to stay in an out-of-the-way bed and breakfast owned by some kinky friends of hers. We will have the run of the place, and I hear that it's so tucked away from humanity that outdoor nudity is no problem at all.

Perry Gallagher and Michael Helms went up a couple of weeks ago to shoot, and their photos are really inspiring me. Living in the Southern California desert means that nothing in nature gets me quite as excited as the lush green of the Pacific Northwest. In truth, that's a lie, I'm dying to get to some glaciers one day, but this comes a close second.

The following images were shot there by Perry and Michael, respectively. Can't wait to steal their ideas. LOL

I've been planning this trip for about a month, so the level of frantic activity has been steadily escalating. I've been shooting (Stoya and Fae below) and editing, updating my sites and working on the back-end stuff. Recently edited this set of Courtney Cruz and Darenzia from July 18th. Somehow I managed to miss posting about the shoot...

We got a bunch of clothing from Fierce Couture and had a full day of shooting. We started bright and early with Darenzia and Emily, then met up with Courtney, Shelby, and Venus around dusk. These are the samples I have from that day, though there were about six more sets that aren't represented here!

Emily and Darenzia's hair and makeup perfected by the talented hands of Alex LaMarsh.

Well, wish us luck! Can't wait to see what gorgeous images and naughty fun we'll get into in the wilds of Oregon!

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I have been positively obsessed with Stoya since our last shoot. She's absolutely perfect and not only can I not get enough of her, I'm sharing the wealth with everyone I can think of. I drove her out to Suze Randall's ranch the other day so that they could meet her, and not surprisingly, they fell in love. I got her a shoot with Dave Naz next week too. And a couple days ago, I drove her out to Michael Helms' house where we were met by Mr. Helms, Perry Gallagher, and another model named Fae. (That was a wonderful surprise! I had no idea we'd be joined by a second model.)

Perry and Michael shoot together often. I always hear their stories and the images that come from their frantic tag-teaming matches, and I'm always jealous. I've begged and pleaded, and with Stoya by my side I have finally gotten to join in the fun. It was painfully hot out at Michael's place so we spent the majority of our time indoors. As always, I really enjoyed watching those two work. Their styles of shooting and their final images are quite different from mine, so I'm eager to see what their results look like. As far as Stoya goes, they loved her. Of course. And she and I had a blast with the boys.

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Update 15 August 2007 

Medical Mishap with Darenzia - in the Latex Gallery

Leave it to the genius of Darenzia to take a cliché like a rubber nurse's uniform and make it something spectacular! She had this sexy peekaboo pink latex dress custom-made by Vex, with matching hat, panties, and stockings. And it's super sexy. Extra short and slutty and delicious to ogle. But she took it a step further by having them paint the gloves to look as though they were bathed in blood. Laura at Vex did a fabulous job of detailing bright red splashes and droplets all the way up the sleeves. My fucked-up medical fetish has me completely in love with them. She looks like she just stepped out of surgery.

Toppled with Kortni - in the Corsets Gallery

It's about damn time I posted some of my photos of Kortni. It's been so long, in fact, that she's not even bald any more. I officially consider myself lucky to have been able to shoot her when she was, though. Because even though she's still a beautiful girl, she was something else without hair to draw attention away from her stunning face. You all know I've got a thing for bald girls, anyways, and Birdie was one of the best.

At the time that we made these images, Kortni was actually living with me. I was in the middle of a divorce, she was in need of a place to stay, I needed someone cute and funny to cook for and hold hands with. She saved me with her ability to make me laugh uncontrollably, and to inspire me photographically. One late night we walked across the street to my studio with a bag full of corsets from Exquisite Restraint and shot and shot and shot. We may have spent the night there, I can't be sure.

Kaleidoscope 2 with Scar - In the Legs Gallery

One of my favorite things about these photos of Scar is that we were able to take her out of her usual gothness. I had hired my favorite makeup artist and he fell in love with her. Scar is truly gorgeous and, though she always looks it, I had fun exploring a more traditional look with her. Her hair is piled into an up-do and she looks like a high-class babe with scars. LOL

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Leave it to my squishy pal, Gimp. He coughed up this gem of a website today.
And we thank him for it.

Ladies and germs..

Without further ado... I give you Pee and Poo dolls.

Thanks, Gimpy. You callous-having dork. LOL

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Alabaster Beauty 
I shot Stoya for the second time yesterday. I'm smitten. I'm hooked. I'm head over heels. She's just amazing.

She just moved back to LA from the east coast, has only been here about a week now. She and J rented an adorable single apartment with a giant walk in closet (funny how that is) less than a mile from my house. They flew across the country with two cats and a few suitcases, and they're living basically furniture-free. Stoya says they're "anti-furniture". She's 21. It's cute for her. LOL

Well, we were totally on a roll. The shooting just flew by and we ended up shooting eight different sets in about four hours. It's some kind of record.

I brought along some clothes, high heels, stockings and pantyhose, some wicked corsets from Exquisite Restraint, and she had three latex outfits that she'd made herself. Such a crafty little thing!

Stoya's so great because: a) she's gorgeous, b) she's got an amazing body, c) she's funny and smart and so damn sexy, and d) she's not a bit shy. This shoot was way dirtier than our first one. When we talked about her limits for the shoot she said, "I'm easing into anal, so I'd rather not do that today". No worries. LOL

This one here is my new favorite photo. It's really a shame to cover up the bits cuz her pussy is gorgeous and she's got a perfect pink butthole. Obviously, the non-censored shot will be made available in an upcoming members update.

As I said, that's my top pick of the day, but it wasn't the easiest choice. We did pretty good together. =)

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Butter Wouldn't Melt 
I received another new Nexus (Virgin Books) cover in the mail. This one is called "Butter Wouldn't Melt" and the cover models are Betka Schpitz and Anastasia Pierce. The collection grows!

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Sweet, sweet ottoman. 
I have got some funny friends. They totally made my day.

This is a spoof of this unbelievable video on youtube.

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Update 08 August, 2007 

Bathed in Light with Hollywood Geisha - in the Latex Gallery

This is one of my favorite sets of photos, by far. Geisha and I hadn't shot in a while and she called to tempt me with shooting her in some of her new latex. The girl hardly needs to woo me, I'm already fully in her clutches.

I took her out of the studio into one of the public halls of the building. There was bright light streaming in through a transom window and my assistant, Ian, hauled himself up onto an extremely tall ladder to apply some colored gels over the glass. The result was beautiful, a stained glass effect. Though I'm stoked about the lighting, the real credit goes to Geisha for being such a hot babe in latex.

She had a stunning mohawk at the time and that, combined with her skin-tight rubber catsuit and 7" platform boots make her look like an anime heroine come to life.

Kaleidoscope (1) with Scar - in the Legs Gallery

I'm sure I'm repeating myself when I say that Scar has got the best boobs, the most scrumptious ass, and the best pussy you've ever seen. In this gallery her stellar physique is complimented by matching lingerie, heels, and a pair of amazing fishnet thigh-highs. In part 2 of the gallery (available next week), she finishes herself off with a vibrator. (She's dirty dirty dirty, and I love her!)

Cutting Class with Phelanie Angel - in the Smoking Gallery

This set has been languishing in my upcoming updates folder for years. I can't believe I haven't posted it before! It features Phelanie Angel as a tuff smoking schoolgirl, puffing away and stripping in the halls between class. Since Phelanie's retired from modeling, this gallery's kind of like a new Tupac album release. You won't find many new Phelanie Angel galleries these days, so enjoy!

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Update 01 August, 2007 

Denim and Diamonds with Mandy Murders - in the Corset Gallery
(Corset by Exquisite Restraint)

I'm updating with this gallery in honor of the new issue of Skin and Ink magazine (October, 2007). Why? One of my photos of Mandy from this set is gracing the current cover!

I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to tell Mandy the good news. LOL Boy, won't she be surprised! Read more about our shoot here.

Pantyhose for Summer with Darenzia and Pia - in the Legs Gallery
(Dresses by Pinup Girl)

This week's T&A gallery stars two of my best pals, Darenzia and Pia. We shot these pantyhose photos at our friend Venus' loft. More about the shoot was posted here.

Breathe For Me with Ms. Betka and slave kitten - in the Sessions Gallery

Whenever I visit Ms. Betka in Portland, I know I'll be in for some seriously kinky fun. Not all of it gets recorded for public consumption, but sometimes my hands aren't to lubed up and I'm able to operate my camera. These photos are from one such trip a few years ago. I'd planned ahead and packed a clear smoke-colored pvc rebreathing hood, knowing full well that dirtiness would ensue the moment I dangled it before Ms. B's beautiful blue eyes. I do believe that I heard a little squeak escape kitten's lips when she realised a new toy was on offer for their breath control games.

Betka and Kitten have a long-standing Mistress/slave relationship and kitten's breath is only one of the things that Ms. B controls. This intimate scene has kitten lying on her back on a bed. Betka zips the hood onto her slave's head and periodically restricts her breathing while twisting, pinching, and pulling at her nipples. I love that the hood is transparent so you can see kitten's facial expressions change with each new torment.

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