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I know I'm REALLY fucking lucky to be able to shoot with so many amazing models, and that they want to shoot with me. Unfortunately, if you've read my recent entries, you know that I am totally behind in editing. Well, what's been happening is that I shoot, I edit, I get slightly ahead, then I shoot again and am back where I started. It's for that reason that I'm just not going to book any non-paid shoots at this time. I'm serious.

I apologize to any models out there who want to shoot, but I really need to concentrate on getting stuff done on this end.

So, the last shoot for a while is the one I just had with January Seraph. We've shot a bunch of times, but I rarely get to do any solos with her. So, the other night, I met her at the location and we busted out a bunch of sets in four hours. I've got to say, she's noticeably improved as a model (not that she was a slouch before), and she is looking hotter than ever.

I think she'll be using the nurse images to frighten potential slaves on her domina site. Sounds can be scary, but Nurse January knows what's best!

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I'm dreaming of the day when my blog entry will begin with "I've got a fat bankroll and time to spare." LOL But for now, let's just say I'm looking for more time to get everything done.

I wanted to update you guys with new photos from my latest shoot. I photographed Darenzia, Mya, and Mosh for House of Bias latex. Makeup and hair on D and Mya was expertly rocked by Jennifer Corona. Mosh did her own. And, a special thanks goes out to my pal, Kirk Alley, for letting us invade his amazing home.

Darenzia and I also risked everything to take pictures of her vag out in public at 1am. It was worth it, though. =D

I realize the vag isn't shown in the sample, but rest assured that members will see it soon!

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No rest for the wicked 
Still recovering from last night's/this morning's crazy long shoot with Mz Berlin and Darenzia. We totally gave it our all. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. In fact, I'm about to keel over, but wanted to post sample images before I turn in.

Darenzia had hot latex courtesy of House of Bias, and Mz Berlin needed mistressy photos for her domination ad, plus we shot nearly two hours of video. All this accomplishment leaves me with mixed emotions. I love what we've created, but as the models go away, I have weeks of work left to do. <sigh> It's all worth it in the long run, though. =)

Just so you have a clear idea of how much we got done, here's a possibly incomplete list. I'm too wiped out to guarantee that I'll remember it all. LOL

1) Custom video request - Mz Berlin painting and tapping her nails while smoking. (And just for good measure, she masturbates at the end and even squirted!)
2) Video - Mz Berlin ties up Darenzia with classic hemp ropes, then subjects her to a forced orgasm. This is the dirtiest thing I've ever shot Darenzia doing!
3) Video - Mz Berlin and Darenzia spank each other in lingerie and boots.
4) Video - Mz Berlin giving red hot POV humiliation while masturbating. (Boy, was her pussy busy last night!!)
5) Darenzia in hot pink latex.
6) Darenzia outside in House of Bias top, panties, and skirt.
7) Mz Berlin outside in corset and stockings, smoking and pissing.
8) Darenzia in printed rubber bra and panty by House of Bias.
9) Darenzia in a second rubber bra and panty by House of Bias.
10) Darenzia and Mz Berlin in striking pantyhose and heels.
11) Stills of Mz Berlin's bondage rigging (leading up to #2 above).
12) Mz Berlin attacks her nipples and labia with pink clips.
13) Mz Berlin in lingerie and sock garters.
14) Domme photos of Mz Berlin in a gorgeous dress, with a cane and no panties.
15) Domme photos of Mz Berlin in pantyhose with a riding crop.
16) Domme photos of Mz Berlin and the gorilla cage.

I've got samples of nearly all of the still galleries all ready to titillate you, and I won't make you wait a moment longer.

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Paige Richards 
I can't believe I forgot to post samples from my shoot with Paige Richards!! We haven't shot together in years, and she's just as beautiful as ever.

Those are my boots and crops and her sexy lingerie. I'm so happy we were able to work together again. Usually, she comes to town and stays with me, but is so booked up I hardly see her.

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But, it's a dry heat 
Yesterday's awesome shoot-out in the desert was great, yet sweltering and exhausting. Picked up Darenzia in the morning and drove out to meet up with Ryan Keely , Vance , Skin, and Mosh . DJ hosted us again at his wonderful location, and Sutan came along to make magic upon some faces.

The desert sun was brutal, and Skin nearly passed out on me while were were shooting out first set. Poor thing was in latex, trying to balance on super-high heels while her rubber socks filled up with sweat. helping her into the air-conditioned blast of my truck was almost as dangerous as leaving her out in the sun. Her feet kept sliding and she'd slip out of her shoes. I'm grateful that she didn't end up with sun stroke or a sprained ankle.

Darenzia wears latex by Atsuko Kudo .
Mosh and Skin are sporting some killer printed latex hods and thongs by Ego Assassin .
Skin's polka dot bikini and Ryan's sheer pink rubber outfits are by Black Lickorish Latex.

And, for the aye que super foot-fetish NSFW porno shot, you'll have to check after the cut. =) Just making sure you're paying attention.


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Venice 11 - Mosh 
Venice, continued... Well, actually, this is the conclusion.

This photo clearly shows why Mosh is a force to be reckoned with. You just put her somewhere and let her go to town. The photographer's job really is reduced to keeping up with her!

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Venice 10 - Brace Face 
Venice, continued...

In this image, I shot a close=up of Emily Marilyn's lovely face with her braces on display. It seems getting braces again was a good idea as she's acquired a whole new group of fans, those who are into orthodontia.

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Venice 9 - Mosh 
Venice, continued...

In this image, Mosh wears an adorable transparent latex bra and booty shots set, decorated with black lace. I happened to have matching gloves and garter in my mobile wardrobe unit (my truck), and she supplied the stockings and mules. I love the mix of rubber and frills.

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Venice 8 - Mosh and Jade Vixen 
Venice, continued...

In this image, Mosh and Jade Vixen risked the lives of every person who'll ever walk across the now forever-silicone-slick wood floor. LOL It was worth it, though!

For all of my sexy latex photos and videos, visit MyFetishDiary.com!

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The Brood 
It's been a long week of working on websites, entertaining friends, adding to my family, and even throwing in a couple of shoots.

My work continues on Mz Berlin's membership site. I hope hope hope I'll be able to complete it next week. (This has been a huge undertaking! Three sites, whew!) Mz also spent a couple days over here with me and we managed to shoot a couple video clips and photo sets. One sexy smoking / stocking gallery, and one kinky bedroom set where she puts herself into some serious predicament scenarios, trying not to pull off the clover clamps on her pussy while she masturbates with my hitachi. Think she succeeded? You'll just have to wait and see! Here's a before shot of Mz Berlin looking gorgeous in lingerie and vintage RHT stockings. Yeah, I know she's not naked, but this was the photo I used on Twitter and it had to be PG. =)

The other day, Paige Richards arrived. She comes out and stays with me about once a year, and it's always so awesome to see her. She's always so busy, though, so I made sure to book a shoot with her well in advance. It's been years since we've worked together. I'm actually writing this entry really quickly because our shoot starts in about an hour and I have to get my gear together. While she was here, I re-designed her website, so go check it out and give her some kisses while you're there. It's basically a hub leading you to all her online ventures, clips stores, video stores, VOD shop, autographed swag and more!

And, as though all of that wouldn't keep me busy enough, in our infinite wisdom, my man and I decided that three dogs weren't enough, so we adopted two new miniature dachshunds a couple nights ago. They are WAY younger than our other dogs and their boundless energy has really surprised us. (I just took this photo, and it'll remind me that, eventually, they tire out. LOL) But, damn are they cute!!!

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