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Today's one of very few days off. It seems like I've done nothing but work lately. That's almost completely but not entirely true, since Darenzia and I and some of our friends went to see Jon Lovitz the other night. HILARITY.

Tomorrow, I've got another shoot with D-Rock before she heads back to New York. Mosh and Mya should be joining us too. Spoke with my people at House of Bias and it seems there are a bunch of brand spanking new latex designs for us to shoot. Weeee!

In the good news department, earlier in the week, I was commissioned for two more covers for Cleis Press. Cannot wait to see them in person!

Later in the week, my boy and I are going to see Rhys Darby (so excited!), then we're skipping town. We'll be heading up north for a three-day weekend, and I couldn't be more ready. I need some serious R&R!

In addition to the sudden barrage of photo shoots, I've got my Bizarre Magazine deadline, all of my usual photo and video editing, updating and maintaining my own websites, plus wrapping up the design on Mz Berlin's paysite, two MORE paysites for two other models, and one model portfolio site to get done. Daaaaang!

Next month is my birthday, and a few days after that, we're heading out to New Orleans to visit Ryan Keely. She's promising swamp tours, all the oysters I can eat, and a chance to admire her boobs in their natural habitat. Hope I don't just pass out before I hit NOLA. =)

As a side note, I got a wild hair up my butt and decided that I needed to start uploading all of my iPhone photos to my Flickr photostream. The phone's always with me and I love it's camera. The photo posted here was taken with it. If you're interested in checking those out, visit the iPhone gallery on my Flickr page. It includes all my pretentious phone cam "art", plus behind the scenes images of models at shoots, Mosh's 6" heels, and more. Fun, fun, fun!!

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Been working so hard lately, there hasn't been any time for me. Well, tonight I'm saying "eff you" to responsibility and am getting down to some serious play.

I've had a new hood and new shoes for months now, but this is the first chance I've had to take them for a test drive. I'm feeling pretty foxy. =)

I think that's my new favorite photo of me. Prepare to see it plastered everywhere! LOL

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Must. Sleep. 
I've been working really hard, people. I swear!

Friday, I had a full day of shooting Jade Vixen, Emily Marilyn, and Mosh. Jade scored us an amazing house literally ON THE BOARDWALK in Venice Beach. Sadly, I caught a cold and spent the entire day spiraling downward into a sneezing frenzy. I'm still not completely recovered. Thankfully, my super awesome friend, Seth, was on hand to throw me looks of pity and to roll video. I'll be uploading samples shortly!

Yasmin Ling is displaying a dozen of my photos at the opening night soiree of her new club in Portland, Oregon. She just emailed me a photo of one of the walls of framed images.

The reason I'm up so late is that I spent all day redesigning Mz Berlin's website. It's actually the first of three sites that I'm hoping to complete for her in the next week or so. I'm still waiting for the DNS changes to propagate for MzBerlin.net, so if the site you see doesn't match the photo below, it means the change hasn't completely gone through yet. Berlin and I have been planning the redesign of MzBerlin.net, and her blog, and the initial design of her soon-to-be members site, XXXFemmeFatale.com for months. I am so excited that we're nearly there!

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Sexcetera on Goliath 
I found this great video that I hadn't seen before. It's Playboy TV's old show, Sexcetera, doing a feature on my publisher, Goliath. The show was shot years ago, so it's missing a lot of Goliath's great newer titles, but it DOES spend time with Goliath's owner, Miki, and with super photographer, Dave Naz.

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Shot the other day with Mz Berlin and Miss Conduct. I'll have samples shortly.

In the meantime, I've just been invited to view her private webcam and I can't wait to see what's gonna happen. She said, "expect crazy pix". LOL Knowing how kinky she is, I'm in for quite a show.

So, I'm off for now, but I'd like to leave you with this video which is sheer perfection. I'm not a Jay and Silent Bob fan, maybe if I was a stoner..., but this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.


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CONTEST - Book title 
My first book, Pervy Girls, has sold out and I'm onto a new book. With the last one, my publisher and I went round and round about the title until the very last minute. This time, I'd like to get that worked out well in advance and I'm asking for your help. The book will be filled with photos of sexy ladies in stockings, pantyhose, knee-highs, latex stockings, fishnets, etc. They're also wearing high heels, latex, corsets, etc., but the common theme is definitely hosiery.

So, here's what's needed for the title... It must be simple. (I really mean "simple". Nothing esoteric or the publisher won't go for it!) It must reflect the book's content (legs, hosiery, hot girls). It must be something that can be easily understood by book buyers in not only the US, but also Europe (Spain, France, Germany).

If you have an idea, please email it to:

contest [ a t ] christinekessler.com

If your title is used, you'll win a signed copy of the book, a thank you in the book, and one signed print.

Can't wait to hear your ideas!!
CONTEST ENDS MARCH 30th. Please note, the book does not come out til fall, so prize will not be issued until then, though I will advise you of winning in advance. =)

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Watching Paint Dry 
Last night, Darenzia and I headed over to Michael Hussar's place to hang out and shoot. Or so I thought.

LP introduced me to Michael last year (Darenzia had met him in San Francisco) and it was "it's a small world" time as we know a lot of the same people.

When we arrived, I found out that he'd invited a couple of other artists over and they were going to do a live painting session with D as the model. I thought I might video the proceedings and it all got off to a grand start, but I soon realized that it was, literally, as exciting as watching paint dry. LOL So, I beat it out of there with a promise to return later in the week when hang-out time could be rocked in earnest. I heard Darenzia get home after 6am, so I'm glad I left when I did. I've got a busy day ahead of me.

I'm honored to know such talented people and am a big supporter of their work, it's just that I also know when I should just get out of their way and let the magic happen. I can't wait to see what they created, but my sitting off to the side playing word games on my phone wasn't helping anybody out. =)

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I've been wearing many different hats lately. Shooting and editing have been on the back burner (well, still editing but not as much) as I concentrate on two website design projects. I've also just sent off another book cover for Cleis Press (and two more, hopefully, in the works), and have been contacted about a couple writing gigs. I'm excited and nervous and looking forward to doing the work.

I've got a shoot booked Friday with Courtney Crave and Athena Fatale at Stockroom. Saturday, I've been hired to cook a romantic dinner for two of my friends (did you know I'm a bit of a gourmet?), and there are a bunch of fetish events this weekend. I'm trying my best to make it out Saturday to see the Black Lickorish fashion show. Gotta support!

So, it's busy busy busy up in here. =)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all too! Hope yours is extra slippery.

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Today is good 
I got up stupid early again today. 7:30am for no good reason. That means I started working early too, though, and that's good. I'm perpetually behind so any extra work time really helps out.

Today, I've been working on Angela Ryan's website redesign, and rendering old videos. I also am excited about a book I just ordered. I don't know where I've been, but I just found out about Namio Harukawa. I'm blown away. He specializes in drawings of big, curvy women, mostly face-sitting and smothering. The illustrations are beautifully done and the kinkiest parts are sometimes surprisingly subtle. I love them!

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Things to do 
I spent yesterday and today putting together photos for my publisher. He's been wanting to do a new book and I've been dragging my heels for a couple reasons. 1) I knew it would take a while to sift through everything and 2) I'm always thinking that my best photograph has yet to be taken. Well, I'm relieved that I finally made the time. I've got nearly 1100 photos zipped up and on their way to him in Germany. He wants to get to work on it right away for a fall release. I'm really excited!!

In other news...

My pal Conan (Addicted Image) is selling a single edition print of the stunning Micaela to help raise money for her upcoming move. It's on eBay now, so go and buy the thing. I wouldn't mind gazing at that photo every day for the rest of my life!!

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