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Yuhmm Magazine 
I was interviewed a couple weeks ago by Yuhmm Magazine and the article has gone live today. I sent them a bunch of photos to choose from, and some of the chosen ones are fairly risque. If you have a moment, please head over there to read it, and leave a comment too. =)


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Photographer Showcase 

Thrilled that my epic, 50 image black and white showcase gallery has just gone live on Zivity. It's called "Monochrome" (of course), and is only the fourth feature to have been accepted. Go check it out!!

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FB woes 
So, yesterday, my account with FaceBook was disabled. They'd sent me an email warning telling me to fix some shit or they'd can me, but when I went to log in, I'd already been canned. I emailed them so we'll see what happens, but I don't hold out much hope. With thousands of friends and over a thousand fans on my fan page, this is quite a blow. If they don't put it back up, I don't know if I'll have the time to start anew.

Crap. =(

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House of Bias - INSA 

Hot off the presses from my last shoot with Darenzia, Mosh, and Mya, House of Bias has added their INSA range to their website. Take a trip over to HOB and check out the fruits of our labor and buy yourself something extravagant!

Thanks for Jennifer Corona for her amazing work beating face (on D and Mya) and to Kirk Alley for allowing me to bring hot naked girls to his house. What a giver. ;)

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Flattery will get you....  
I don't get nearly the barrage of hook-up messages on Facebook that models do, but every once in a while, there's a gem.


you good
i need you
ican speak with you
i without study without work and without girlfriend since in 2002 put yourself ina situation
im crousher
i want inscription in study or find me contrat work or find me marrird ... i give you 20000 dollars .....please i need you
i give you money and my life
i remember you forever
please help me


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The Brood 
It's been a long week of working on websites, entertaining friends, adding to my family, and even throwing in a couple of shoots.

My work continues on Mz Berlin's membership site. I hope hope hope I'll be able to complete it next week. (This has been a huge undertaking! Three sites, whew!) Mz also spent a couple days over here with me and we managed to shoot a couple video clips and photo sets. One sexy smoking / stocking gallery, and one kinky bedroom set where she puts herself into some serious predicament scenarios, trying not to pull off the clover clamps on her pussy while she masturbates with my hitachi. Think she succeeded? You'll just have to wait and see! Here's a before shot of Mz Berlin looking gorgeous in lingerie and vintage RHT stockings. Yeah, I know she's not naked, but this was the photo I used on Twitter and it had to be PG. =)

The other day, Paige Richards arrived. She comes out and stays with me about once a year, and it's always so awesome to see her. She's always so busy, though, so I made sure to book a shoot with her well in advance. It's been years since we've worked together. I'm actually writing this entry really quickly because our shoot starts in about an hour and I have to get my gear together. While she was here, I re-designed her website, so go check it out and give her some kisses while you're there. It's basically a hub leading you to all her online ventures, clips stores, video stores, VOD shop, autographed swag and more!

And, as though all of that wouldn't keep me busy enough, in our infinite wisdom, my man and I decided that three dogs weren't enough, so we adopted two new miniature dachshunds a couple nights ago. They are WAY younger than our other dogs and their boundless energy has really surprised us. (I just took this photo, and it'll remind me that, eventually, they tire out. LOL) But, damn are they cute!!!

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Opposite land 
If ever there was a fetish that was more completely opposite than the love of latex, this has got to be it. The internet is amazing. You learn something new every day. =)

Click the photo for more images of wool fetish.

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Bondage Awards 
Please vote for me in the photographer category of the Bondage Awards. You can vote once per day! Thanks!

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And now... 
Bob and I had a wonderful dinner tonight with Satine Phoenix. She's such a pleasure and is looking hotter than ever. I'm a big fan of Satine as a blonde...

Also, I have a couple new galleries up on Zivity, one with Miss Conduct (and her new boobs) and one of Ancilla Tilia. That make 11 galleries total so far! Click here to go to my Zivity page, then click the "sign up" button for a free trial membership. And don't forget to vote!!

I'm off to bed... Nite, all!

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Ask Men 
Congrats to my home skillet, Darenzia, for her gallery of the day feature (today) on AskMen.com. And to both her and Ancilla Tilia for being in the top 10 list of modern fetish models on the same site.

I love my hot friends!

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