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MyFetishDiary.com Member Update 
Today's update is part 1 of Emily Marilyn, in stockings and lingerie, shot in Oregon. Emily always was and always will be, the queen of foot fetish. She loves loves loves hosiery and wiggly little toes, and goes at them with gusto!

This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole uncensored set are up to 3x this size on the website!

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Xanthia in Bizarre 
Today's mail brought some sunshine in the form of the latest issue of Bizarre Magazine. This time, my piece about latex toe socks was featured, as modeled by Xanthia. Thanks, Alix!

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Goodbye, again 
This week's death of Veronica Hoffman marks the third suicide our circle of friends has seen in the last twelve months. It's been surreal, like living in Heathers. Though she and I only shot together once, we'd shared laughter and memories over the years. It's terribly sad, all around. I hesitated to post about it, as with the others, because the true mournings, rememberances, and celebrations occur in the real world, not the internet. However, I wanted to post a link to Tony Mitchell's post about Miss Veronica. She and Tony were great friends, and my most memorable time spent with her was in his company in London.

This past year has been so difficult for so many, and I am really looking forward to that good old silver lining. I hope you can all hold on til then. As with all suicides, the deaths are sad, often senseless, but the pain felt by those left in their wake is the enduring tragedy.

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MyFetishDiary.com Member Update 
While organizing my office a few months ago, I came across an oooold video tape op one of my shoots with Angela Ryan. This update dates from one of our first shoots and has Angela stripping down to hosiery and high heels. Another trip down memory lane.

This video is members only and you'll be watching it at 640x480!

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Last one 
Two days of going non-stop and I'm exhausted. Gonna get in bed and watch the finale of Next Food Network Star. Perfect mindless programming to lull me to sleep. I'll be back at it tomorrow, then going to the Club Fuck Anniversary tomorrow night. I know it's going to be quite a reunion!

Until then, I'll leave you with a few more past gems. All of these photos and their full, uncensored galleries are now showing for members of MyFetishDiary.com!

Left to right: Ruby Luster in yellow encasement, Lee Harrington in a hood by Imp of Satan, Rose Algren in a hood and catsuit by Imp of Satan.

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As long as we're travelling down memory lane, here are a couple photos of Masuimi Max from our first, ever, photo shoot. They probably also date from around 2002, were shot with my Mamiya 645, and printed with sloppy borders. I still am captivated by her utterly stunning corset.

Full set of images is available at MyFetishDiary.com.

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My Mamiya and sloppy borders 
I purchased my first digital camera in 2002, but was still shooting mostly film. I wouldn't make the full move to DSLR for a year or two. I really love film, but it got so damn expensive, and when I decided to start a membership site, it no longer made financial sense. Buying medium format film and getting it all processed was in no way cost-effective. Plus, scanning prints or negs took forever.

Though I'm thrilled with my 5DS Mark II, I miss the heavy, satisfying clunk of the Mamiya's shutter, and the look and feel of prints from film.

I mentioned a minor redesign of the tour the other day, and because I'm a glutton for punishment and don't have nearly enough on my plate, I decided that the splash page and tour need a full update with all new photos. The current version had remained unchanged for years.

Mz Berlin was generous enough to sit by my side while I went through countless galleries, photo by photo, pulling aside images we deemed hot enough to make you want to make sexy-time. She had to leave a while ago to get dolled up for her session tonight with a new slave, and I've stayed at it. Call me obsessed. I'm just worried that THE BEST IMAGE lays just around the next corner. (Don't know when I'll get the new design up, but when I do, you guys will be the first to know.)

It was during my search through my archives that I ran across one of my favorite old bondage shoots. It dates from 2002 and features Tomiko bound by Master Aryn to a friend's chimney, on a roof in Reseda, California. It was shot with my Mamiya 645 and I just adore it.

I miss pearl prints with sloppy borders. =(

The full set of images is available to MyFetishDiary.com members. =)

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MyFetishDiary.com Member Update 
Today's update is part 2 of my first shoot with Jade Vixen. The whole time we shot, we were talking about our catsuit collections, like this one from Simon O that she wears so well.

This gallery is members only! Remember, this photo and the whole uncensored set are up to 3x this size on the website!

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Flash is my nemesis 
I spent, literally, hours today trying to get a flash movie to work correctly once I uploaded it to my site. I went round and round, enlisted the help of two people, and still failed. Finally, I got it to play and felt so accomplished! Why do they make it so convoluted?

Once I got that done, my revamp of my site was complete, and I finally have a video page on the tour. FINALLY. What kind of douche doesn't mention videos in her website's tour? LOL

At the end of the day, I started editing some photos of Jade Vixen and Mosh, and I only wish I had enough energy to finish them up before sleep. But that's not to be. That means I'll pick back up tomorrow, complete the edits, and get back to work on Mz Berlin's membership site. I MUST get it done this week. Unfinished projects make me nervous.

Nighty night!

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I know I'm REALLY fucking lucky to be able to shoot with so many amazing models, and that they want to shoot with me. Unfortunately, if you've read my recent entries, you know that I am totally behind in editing. Well, what's been happening is that I shoot, I edit, I get slightly ahead, then I shoot again and am back where I started. It's for that reason that I'm just not going to book any non-paid shoots at this time. I'm serious.

I apologize to any models out there who want to shoot, but I really need to concentrate on getting stuff done on this end.

So, the last shoot for a while is the one I just had with January Seraph. We've shot a bunch of times, but I rarely get to do any solos with her. So, the other night, I met her at the location and we busted out a bunch of sets in four hours. I've got to say, she's noticeably improved as a model (not that she was a slouch before), and she is looking hotter than ever.

I think she'll be using the nurse images to frighten potential slaves on her domina site. Sounds can be scary, but Nurse January knows what's best!

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