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Sugasm #95 
I've decided to join the throngs and submit some of my posts to the great Sugasm erotic blog project thing. =) As part of the submission rules, I'm posting their most recent issue here. Enjoy and be sure to go check out their site for past entries.

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #96? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

Please note:
The Sugasm redesign has caused some confusion (for me too). To give submitters maximum exposure the newest Sugasm stays at the top. Post requests and notices will still show up immediately in the RSS feed. The post request will show up below after the latest Sugasm has been posted.

We also had some glitches with the submit form. That is being addressed now. If you try to submit a post and get an error please email your submission directly to me at radicalvixenatgmaildotcom I’m extending the deadline until Saturday. Sugasm #96 will be published Tuesday.

This Week’s Picks
“She could see that he had something concealed in his other hand, but couldn’t quite tell whether it would be an instrument of torture or pleasure.”

Lunch Hour
“He’s very good, but I notice the almost imperceptible start as he notices what’s going on.”

About size
“But if we’re going to start talking about penis size, then it is only fair to talk about vagina size.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
“Men on a Mission” Calendar 2008

Editor’s Choice
The S Spot Sexy Short Story Competition!

More Sugasm
Join the Sugasm

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(Sugasm participants should re-post all the links above. The following links may be excluded as long as you include all the above links.)

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Sex News & Reviews
Ivy Intimate Touch Palm Massager Review
Pick me, pick me!

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Yet another reason to loathe them both 

Yeah, so maybe "godless pornographer" is a cliche, but I'm alright with that. This is a screen capture from a truly disturbing documentary called "Deliver Us From Evil". It only reinforced my beliefs about religion. Way to go Pope! Nice one Catholic Church! And George Bush? Who'd have thunk that you were even worse than I'd thought? Seriously didn't think that was possible. Even godless pornographers treat people better than all of you do.

And, while we're at it... SCARY SCARY SCARY!! If you don't already fear for the future, you will after watching frightening brainwashing in action>> Jesus Camp.

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Outrageous lamp/chair action 
There's a fancy new community site out there called Social Kink. It's kinda like MySpace for perverts. Sweet, huh?

They have a new interview up with my bottom bitch, Apnea. Check it.

And if you're into reading, there are archived interviews with Steve DG, Midori, Rubberdoll and more. That ought to keep you busy for a bit. =)

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Monster Garage 
Our very own Emily Marilyn currently has a slinky video featured at the Monster Garage website. As I write this, her video is linked from the front page of the site. It's also listed on the video archive/pinup girls page, along with a video of Angela Ryan. I love seeing my friends bust out into the mainstream! Way to go, ladies!

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2007, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Update 05 September, 2007 

Boiler with Darenzia and Courtney Cruz - in the Latex Gallery

Our friend, Acacia, called one day with frantic good news. The building she worked in was being vacated and she wanted to get me in there to shoot before she had to hand in the keys. I was thrilled and immediately rounded up a group of beauties to take advantage of the situation. These images were shot in the basement boiler room. Darenzia and Courtney wear shiny latex by Fierce Couture, but not for too long. The girls were all over each other almost immediately. I just sat back and watched the magic. =)

The fashion shots from this shoot were uploaded in Update 22.

Patience with Stoya - in the Legs Gallery

I wrote about my shoot with Stoya here. I believe I used words like "smitten". Yep. I'm smitten!

In this gallery, I dressed her in a cream-colored t-shirt, big white cotton panties, crazy blue net knee-socks, and vintage sneakers. She works her way out of each and every garment until her fingers are intertwined with her toes and her feet are up by her mouth. Flexible and gorgeous makes for a mighty pleasing combination!

Wiggle Room with Apnea - in the Encasement Gallery

I wrote about these photos twice already in my blog. Here and here. Apnea was at my house, we were hanging out, we may have recently watched Purple Rain, but I can't be certain. (It's been a while now....) I was showing her this awesome nylon (like pantyhose material) tube that I'd been given by Yasmin Ling. This particular one has built-in sleeves as well, and it's like nothing you've ever seen before.

Of course, Apnea wanted to try it out (I knew she would), so I grabbed my camera and trained it on her as she put the tube through its paces. I love the freakiness of it, the way it's at once sexy and disturbing.

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I've been approached by a publisher. There may be a new book in the works. Something a bit different this time. It's very hush, hush but exciting!!

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Foot Job 
I posted a while back about a new product that is being sold on the Stockroom website. When I was in Chicago for IML a couple of months ago, Byron was kind enough to lube up and demonstrate for me. Enjoy! (If you look carefully, you'll see Betka, Minax, and trash in the background.)

Now, that's what I call hard-hitting investigative journalism! LOL Thanks again to Stockroom.com for hooking the perverts up with original toys.

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2007, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Rocking Girl Blogger Award 
Mistress V posted a comment in one of my entries awarding me the "Rocking Girl Blogger Award". LOL She's a particularly cruel domme and that means her blog's an awfully good read. Go check it out!

Thanks, V! It's really nice to know that people read and appreciate this blog. I've lamented before about the lack of comments, so it's always nice to hear that I'm not just floating around cyberspace posting shit just to hear myself type. Ha ha.

So now I've been charged with passing this award on to five more "Rocking Girls" (who comes up with these names? LOL), and that means I'm gonna have to put on my thinking cap. Here goes:

I guess it's not hard to imagine that I'd begin with my friends. I enjoy visiting their blogs and seeing what they're up to. Emily Marilyn has been really loyal to her blog readers, posting behind the scenes photos from all of her shoots (I should know, she takes them at our shoots too!) and events. She's so gorgeous, it's worth visiting just to see more of her. Visit her blog here!

Continuing this trend... Did you know that Darenzia has a free blog on her site? Check it out here. She's such a busy model, performer and domme that her diary gets updated quite often. You all know she's my homegirl, so go check her ass out!

Next on the list is Kumi. If you know Kumi, you know of her boundless energy and chatability. LOL She's all over the fucking internet and choosing just one of her blogs is a chore. If you've not spent much time in her head, start with her LiveJournal and then branch on out. It'll keep you busy for years. =)

Having been a big fan of Susie Bright's work in erotica, I was seriously delighted to stumble across her blog. She's the "sexpert" from way back and has some terrific books under her belt. Many, many years ago, I attended a screening she did at the NuArt theatre in West LA. She was showing and discussing a series of films featuring lesbians, right down to a home-made (not her home) fisting video made by a couple of unknown dykes. She's very well-spoken, funny, and insightful. All hail Susie!

And, lastly... This is a biggie and need I even mention SO TOTALLY NOT WORK SAFE!! That'd be the extremely explicit blog of pornstar, Belladonna. What's she offering? Deep thoughts and the raunchiest photos online. She's goregous and filthy and a superstar for good reason. Get down with your bad self, Belladonna.

There you have it! Go visit and get to commenting. I'm sure they'd appreciate it as much as I do. =)

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I've spent the last couple days with my girl, Porcelain. Stay tuned for her upcoming website Girl Number 9. She's in town visiting from her home on the other end of the country and we hadn't seen each other since our first shoot back in July of 2006. The poor thing is stuck way out in an icky part of town, virtually ignored by her hosts... I HAD to go rescue her. LOL

We hung out and caught up the other night, and the following morning I took her down to Melrose to buy some hair dye, hit some shops, and grab a bite for lunch. I dropped her back off where she's staying so that she'd be able to get ready for her first shoot of the trip. I picked her up again yesterday and drove us over to my friend G's house. He's selling his house and skipping town, so we had a great big empty suburban house to do with what we wanted.

Porcelain had two suitcases and I brought a bunch of latex and corsets, and some encasement sets, and a giant bag of ultra-high fetish shoes. We took our time digging through everything, pawing shiny rubber, and pulling out things that inspired us. Even so, our entire day was slowed down by the incredible heat. I took the picture above with my phone. That thermometer was located outside the kitchen door of the house, under an awning. Yep, that makes it 100 degrees in the shade! With the a/c cranked, we pushed on. LOL

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2007, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Update 29 August, 2007 

VacBox Double-Team Pt. 2 with Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot, and Athena - in the Sessions Gallery

In part 2, Ana's removed her catsuit and has entered the box nude. Jean put a gasmask on her and gave her some excruciating demonstrations of breath control. Anastasia said later that she really loved the sensation of floating when the VacBox was flipped upside down. This was shot back in May and you can read a little bit more about the day here.

Golden Days with Ruby Luster and Emily Marilyn - in the Legs Gallery

I'm pleased as punch to bring you this sexy stocking gallery. Emily had received a package full of lingerie in the mail and was kind enough to prance around in it for me. She and Ruby have some serious chemistry and it's apparent in this set. High heels, sheer lingerie, fully-fashioned stockings and two foxy chicks who can't keep their hands off each other... What more could you ask for? I posted about the shoot here.

Dipping into the Sheath with Xanthia - in the Latex Gallery

Xanthia's an amazing person. You'd have to meet her to know what I mean. She's always laughing and positive, but not in that creepy cheerleader way. LOL She was falling all over herself at the prospect of shooting nothing but latex. The blue catsuit by Simon O in this gallery has a built-in vaginal sheath. Basically, there's a white rubber cockring fitted with a thin white latex condom that is inserted into the pussy. It's beyond sexy. Well, Xanthia and I had a little chuckle at the fact that this was her first ever shoot with penetration. She couldn't keep her fingers from dipping if her life depended on it. I'm honored to be the photographer she made the plunge with! More about this shoot was posted here.

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